fix typo
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2010-02-25 Ludwig Nusseladd vim mode lines to avoid evil tab characters :-)
2009-10-20 Pavol Rusnakcode cleanup
2009-09-16 Marcus Hüwe- allow empty config values (e.g. "foo=")
2009-03-04 Marcus Hüwelicense blabla...
2008-11-28 Marcus Hüwe- this is escaping isn't needed. If we don't want to...
2008-09-18 Marcus Hüwe- fixed #427118
2008-08-14 Marcus Hüweremoved debugging and other superfluous stuff
2008-08-07 Dr. Peter Poemlremove empty parens after class definition so Python...
2008-08-07 Marcus Hüwe- added OscConfigParser module: