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2010-02-06 Larry GilbertUpdate source code repository references
2009-09-08 Adrian Schröter+ - make buildhist command usable without checked out...
2009-09-04 Adrian Schrötercleanup done jobs and update documentation
2009-05-11 Michal Ciharosc can now store credentials in Gnome keyring if it...
2009-04-06 Marcus Hüwe- added configuration migration information (it is...
2007-07-16 Dr. Peter PoemlSwitch from software.opensuse.org to download.opensuse...
2007-07-11 Dr. Peter Poemladd a hint about updating a package from another source...
2007-05-16 Dr. Peter Poemladd info about nosetests usage
2007-04-18 Dr. Peter Poemlcomplete last change (mention python-xml)
2007-04-18 Dr. Peter Poemladd info about dependencies of osc python module
2006-07-17 Dr. Peter Poemladd info about build subcommand to README
2006-07-14 Dr. Peter Poeml- bump version (0.7)
2006-07-10 Dr. Peter Poemlfix download URL in README
2006-06-26 Dr. Peter Poeml- remove dead code
2006-05-23 Dr. Peter Poemlupdate README
2006-05-23 Dr. Peter Poeml- add 'help' subcommand (and add help :-)
2006-05-23 Dr. Peter Poemlupdate README
2006-05-22 Dr. Peter Poeml- add diff3 merge support. Locally modified files are...
2006-05-21 Adrian Schröteruse redirector url
2006-05-19 Dr. Peter Poeml0.3
2006-05-10 Dr. Peter Poemlupdate INSTALL section
2006-05-10 Dr. Peter Poeml- reorganize source to build a python module