2010-10-05 Thomas Schmidtadd tooltips to create feature page
2010-10-05 Thomas Schmidtadd searching by tag
2010-10-05 Thomas Schmidttoggle editor#
2010-10-05 Thomas Schmidtrender errors in design#
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtwork on relations
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtno ajax needed in product edit
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtupdate jrails
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtset return path
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtimplement eval states
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtrails patch and update
2010-10-01 Thomas Schmidtallow down to rails 2.3.4
2010-10-01 Thomas Schmidtadd tests and gui for reject reason, duplicate id
2010-10-01 Thomas Schmidtadd rails_xss plugin
2010-10-01 Thomas Schmidtimplement change of product priorities
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtcompatibility stuff
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtsupport subdir
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtlayout issues
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtdon't load stylesheets
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtseperate product editor
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtadd reset session
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtimprove time diffs
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtadd username autocompletion
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtworking on product state changes
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtfix auto order
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtfix search form
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtadd print css
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtfix voting css
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtimplement changing title
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtimplement edit description, highlight latest comment
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtfix sorting
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidttagging autocomplete
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtfix anonymous access, login form
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtcache tags
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtadd reply methods
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtadd tinymce richtext editor for adding comments
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtfix links
2010-09-27 Thomas Schmidtwork on feature view
2010-09-27 Thomas Schmidtadd new tinymce libs
2010-09-27 Thomas Schmidtfixed startpage
2010-09-27 Thomas Schmidtbento style for stats
2010-09-23 Thomas Schmidtmisc layout stuff
2010-09-23 Thomas Schmidtadd datatable
2010-09-23 Thomas Schmidtadded test and webui for product add/remove
2010-09-23 Thomas Schmidtadding product boxes, alternate stylesheet
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtmerge to default design, fix voting widget
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtwork on vote widget
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtfix tagging box
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtadded comment threading, box styling
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtrole editor is working now
2010-09-21 Thomas Schmidtworked on editing users
2010-09-21 Thomas Schmidtswitch to jrails
2010-09-21 Thomas Schmidtwork on persons widget
2010-09-21 Thomas Schmidtadd local bento submodule
2010-09-21 Thomas Schmidtiniital feature page in bento design
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtfirst version of bento design in openfate!
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtstatistic links
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidttesting actors
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtrefactor feature xml access, extend tests
2010-09-17 Thomas Schmidtadd tests for libxml usage
2010-09-17 Thomas Schmidtbasically moved to libxml, some code enhancements
2010-09-13 Thomas Schmidttag autocompletion must start with typed string
2010-09-13 Thomas Schmidtuse 11.4
2010-09-09 Thomas Schmidtdisable field for non screeners
2010-09-09 Thomas Schmidtcan set screeners in admin pages
2010-09-09 Thomas Schmidtadd screener db column
2010-09-09 Thomas Schmidtfix evaluation status change
2010-08-03 Klaas Freitag- let people change a features status if they have...
2010-08-03 Thomas Schmidtfix wiki links
2010-08-03 Thomas Schmidtupdate wiki link
2010-07-06 Thomas Schmidtonly mail tschmidt
2010-06-02 Thomas Schmidtadd an sqlite default example db
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidtadd image
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidtenhance code
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidtnew image
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidtsupport hackweek/
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidthackweek 5
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidtfix date
2010-05-04 Thomas Schmidtadd hackweek 5
2010-04-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate schema
2010-04-20 Thomas Schmidtfix & in search string
2010-03-30 Thomas Schmidtfix html
2010-03-30 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-30 Thomas Schmidttrace sporadic parse problem
2010-03-29 Thomas Schmidtlimit search for features without tags to 300 results
2010-03-11 Thomas Schmidtmove xml parsing to contrictor
2010-03-11 Thomas Schmidtuse the rails cache instead of globals vars
2010-03-11 Thomas Schmidtfix parameter
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix running tests
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtadd news
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix xml rendering
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtshow state of top voted features
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtupdate texts
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtrails 2.3.5, better method of requires
2010-03-10 Thomas Schmidtno need for submodules
2010-03-09 Thomas Schmidtadd error messages
2010-03-09 Thomas Schmidtupdate deployment
2010-01-27 Thomas Schmidtignore file
2010-01-22 Thomas Schmidtremove file
2010-01-14 Thomas Schmidtlink to hermes on feature creation
2010-01-14 Thomas Schmidtadd a pointer to hermes after saving feature