add tooltips to create feature page
[opensuse:openfate.git] / app / controllers / feature_controller.rb
2010-10-05 Thomas Schmidtadd tooltips to create feature page
2010-10-04 Thomas Schmidtno ajax needed in product edit
2010-10-01 Thomas Schmidtadd tests and gui for reject reason, duplicate id
2010-10-01 Thomas Schmidtimplement change of product priorities
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtlayout issues
2010-09-30 Thomas Schmidtadd username autocompletion
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtimplement changing title
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtimplement edit description, highlight latest comment
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtcache tags
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtadd reply methods
2010-09-28 Thomas Schmidtadd tinymce richtext editor for adding comments
2010-09-27 Thomas Schmidtwork on feature view
2010-09-23 Thomas Schmidtadded test and webui for product add/remove
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtmerge to default design, fix voting widget
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtwork on vote widget
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtfix tagging box
2010-09-22 Thomas Schmidtrole editor is working now
2010-09-21 Thomas Schmidtworked on editing users
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtfirst version of bento design in openfate!
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtrefactor feature xml access, extend tests
2010-09-13 Thomas Schmidttag autocompletion must start with typed string
2010-03-11 Thomas Schmidtmove xml parsing to contrictor
2010-03-11 Thomas Schmidtuse the rails cache instead of globals vars
2010-01-14 Thomas Schmidtlink to hermes on feature creation
2010-01-14 Thomas Schmidtadd a pointer to hermes after saving feature
2009-11-23 Thomas Schmidtadd a hermes box
2009-10-06 Thomas Schmidtfix for opera, rails 2.3.4 session handling, remove...
2009-09-25 Thomas Schmidtescape relation data
2009-08-13 Dominik Heidler- Remove the "Login to vote", cause we already have...
2009-08-10 Dominik HeidlerRemoved Error with GET-Requests on Ajax-URLs
2009-08-06 Thomas Schmidtreject voting comments
2009-07-27 Thomas Schmidtfix feature creation with special characters in title
2009-07-16 Thomas Schmidtfix feature creation for partners
2009-07-07 Dominik HeidlerResolved bug #480796:
2009-07-02 Dominik HeidlerLittle text-correction
2009-07-02 Dominik HeidlerHandle get-requests on save-feature
2009-06-26 Thomas Schmidtmake non-members able to create features
2009-04-17 Dominik HeidlerFixed bug with html entities encoded already by tiny_mce
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtinsert fields at the right place
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtrequire post request to save
2009-04-03 Andre Duffeckwe don't need no error-prone regexps here
2009-03-25 Thomas Schmidtset the clientstring for xslt transformation
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtonly openfate needs membership
2009-03-19 Thomas Schmidtrequire auth earlier
2009-03-17 Thomas Schmidtfix typo, fix catching http errors
2009-03-17 Thomas Schmidtwebfate specifics
2009-03-16 Thomas Schmidtcreation of query strings
2009-03-13 Thomas Schmidtadd external id column, make links a little bit darker
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidtescape values
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidtimplement editing for partner fields
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidtworking on stakeholder data edit
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidtgeneric method for reading from richtext fields
2009-03-11 Thomas Schmidtadding products works
2009-03-10 Thomas Schmidtadd support for changing states, duplicate id, and...
2009-03-10 Thomas Schmidtimplement product update
2009-03-10 Thomas Schmidtdon't allow to remove all products
2009-03-10 Thomas Schmidtimplement product removal
2009-03-10 Thomas Schmidtconsolidate feature.products() method, work on product...
2009-03-09 Thomas Schmidtadd link to show all partner features
2009-03-09 Thomas Schmidtadd external id to feature creation
2009-03-09 Thomas Schmidt- add partner benefit to feature creation,
2009-03-06 Thomas Schmidtalways provide products
2009-03-06 Thomas Schmidtno need to render inline
2009-03-05 Thomas Schmidtsyntax error
2009-03-05 Thomas Schmidtproduct handling
2009-03-05 Thomas Schmidterror handling in feature creation
2009-03-04 Thomas Schmidtfix feature creation
2009-03-04 Andre Duffeckcommit current state of the product editor, which is...
2009-03-01 Thomas Schmidtsend the current client to the backend
2009-03-01 Thomas Schmidt- improve link detection
2009-02-25 Thomas Schmidtmove point of username escaping
2009-02-19 Thomas Schmidtremove rating stuff in partnerfate
2009-02-17 Andre Duffeckfinish relation-editing feature
2009-02-16 Andre DuffeckMake it possible to add/edit/remove relations
2009-02-13 Andre Duffeckadd a "Score" column to the query results page
2009-02-04 Thomas Schmidtskip check for graph
2009-02-04 Thomas Schmidtskip chek for graph
2009-01-29 Andre Duffeckimport robert voting design
2009-01-29 Thomas Schmidtfix vote stats for anonymous users
2009-01-29 Thomas Schmidtremove unused
2009-01-29 Andre Duffecknotify the user when there was a problem with the taggi...
2009-01-29 Andre Duffeckfix before_filter
2009-01-29 Andre Duffeckcommit current state of voting stuff
2009-01-28 Thomas Schmidtskip check on ajax calls
2009-01-28 Thomas Schmidtfix votes
2009-01-28 Andre Duffeckadd cancel links to add/remove tag
2009-01-27 Thomas Schmidtadd flash messages that fade out
2009-01-27 Andre Duffeckshow only if the user is not logged in
2009-01-27 Andre Duffecklink 'login' and 'register'
2009-01-27 Andre Duffeckadd a 'info' flash box
2009-01-27 Andre Duffecktell the user, that she has to login in order to edit...
2009-01-26 Thomas Schmidtuse kind_of
2009-01-26 Andre Duffeckmake it possible to remove existing tags from a feature
2009-01-26 Andre Duffeckfix logic error due to a merge
2009-01-26 Andre Duffeckshow errors
2009-01-26 Thomas Schmidtload tags and votes internally
2009-01-26 Andre DuffeckTADAAAAAA: a tagcloud
2009-01-26 Andre Duffeckproper caching of the tags
2009-01-26 Thomas Schmidtallow anonymous viewing of features
2009-01-25 Thomas Schmidtsmarter richtextify