allow anonymous viewing of features
[opensuse:openfate.git] / app / controllers / feature_controller.rb
2009-01-26 Thomas Schmidtallow anonymous viewing of features
2009-01-25 Thomas Schmidtsmarter richtextify
2009-01-23 Thomas Schmidtescape url parameters, add debug messages
2009-01-23 Andre Duffeckfix typo
2009-01-23 Andre Duffeckautocompletion for tags
2009-01-23 Andre Duffeckallow adding tags
2009-01-23 Andre Duffeckshow tags
2009-01-22 Andre Duffeckmove the "votes" function into the plugin, too
2009-01-22 Andre Duffeckimport new acts_as_voteable plugin, which encapsulates...
2009-01-22 Andre Duffeckadd support for casting votes
2009-01-22 Andre Duffeckinitial integration with the taggingserver
2009-01-21 Thomas Schmidtprepare routing to files,
2009-01-21 Thomas Schmidtinitial openfate checkin