2010-12-17 Thomas Schmidtdon't remove whitespace, breaks <pre>
2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtuse right userid
2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtfix layout, wording
2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtpass through errormessage about invalid user
2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtadd logged in user to usercache
2010-12-14 Thomas Schmidtnotification state only needed in openfate
2010-12-14 Thomas Schmidtfix type bug
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtload .eot fonts
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtpimped the projects list page
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtget more w3c conform
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtuse https static host
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtfix for chromium
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtfix comment ordering, newline handling
2010-12-09 Thomas Schmidtwording
2010-12-09 Thomas Schmidtimprove wording
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidttest switch to droid style fonts
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidtjs escape '
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidtlink bugzilla userlookup
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidtmore helping texts
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidtimprove usability of richtext edit fields
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtpreserve edit comment
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtfix for anonymous views
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtusers can edit their comments before saving
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtpreserve comment in case of validation error
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtfix wrapping
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtfix positioning of edit links
2010-12-07 Thomas Schmidtfix adding actor
2010-12-06 Thomas Schmidtonly destroy session if available
2010-12-06 Thomas Schmidtcast var
2010-12-06 Thomas Schmidtfix newline after tt
2010-12-06 Thomas Schmidtfixing newlines from richtext editor
2010-12-06 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-12-06 Thomas Schmidtescape product id parameter
2010-12-03 Thomas Schmidtuse standard bento font and font-size
2010-12-02 Thomas Schmidtimprove display for users added by email
2010-12-02 Thomas Schmidtupdate exception_notification
2010-12-01 Thomas Schmidtfix hackweek index page
2010-12-01 Thomas Schmidtdon't add empty users
2010-12-01 Thomas Schmidtcatch bad user input better
2010-11-30 Thomas Schmidtset bugzilla link
2010-11-30 Thomas Schmidtfix braces
2010-11-30 Thomas Schmidtfix state display
2010-11-29 Thomas Schmidtfix #656165 order comments
2010-11-26 Thomas Schmidtintroduce 'marketplace' status for openfate
2010-11-26 Thomas Schmidtuniq userlist
2010-11-25 Thomas Schmidtimprove query description
2010-11-25 Thomas Schmidtmark private comments
2010-11-25 Thomas Schmidtmake exception recipients a config option
2010-11-25 Thomas Schmidtadd svn notes
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtfix for nil date
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtlist users
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtshow who is online
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtmake it work with sqlite
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtdon't use deprecated method
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtstore userid after session is created
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtrequire tag when setting state to 'new'
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtadd check for http methods
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtfix tag
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidttypo
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtonly link hermes if appropriate
2010-11-24 Thomas Schmidtimprove placement
2010-11-23 Thomas Schmidtadd google analytics code
2010-11-23 Thomas Schmidtset release instructions
2010-11-22 Thomas Schmidtimprove statistic view
2010-11-22 Thomas Schmidtset products docu
2010-11-22 Thomas Schmidtmake 'add product' collapseable
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtremove strange character
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtfix box reload
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtfix warnings
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtimprove diff display
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtset dummy managers less often
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtimprove display
2010-11-19 Thomas Schmidtcorrectly write to the changes files
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtadd new templates
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtadd a changes view
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtfix empty paragraphs
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtfix nil pointer
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtfix reply links
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtprepare to display doc impact
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtfix layout
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtmailserver
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtbreadcrumb text color
2010-11-16 Thomas Schmidtenhance deployment
2010-11-16 Thomas Schmidtalso deploy keeperdmz
2010-11-16 Thomas Schmidtadd box to webfate
2010-11-16 Thomas Schmidtadd passenger notes
2010-11-16 Thomas Schmidtupport multi word searches
2010-11-15 Thomas Schmidtadd line feeds
2010-11-15 Thomas Schmidtshow involved features changes on startpage
2010-11-15 Thomas Schmidtalign td content
2010-11-15 Thomas Schmidtadd style for form tables
2010-11-15 Thomas Schmidtfix webkit problem
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtname it 'Search'
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtadd dummy manager for opensuse features
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtmake adding users more convenient
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtfix user fetching from cache
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtupdate themes
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtpartnerfate restrictions