refactor feature xml access, extend tests
[opensuse:openfate.git] / app / views / query / run.html.erb
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtrefactor feature xml access, extend tests
2009-04-14 Thomas Schmidtescape \ from text query, correctly escape title
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtremove relationeditor from openfate until it's implemen...
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtthe ids are numeric
2009-03-13 Thomas Schmidtuse onchange event
2009-03-13 Thomas Schmidtadd link to show all features sorted by score
2009-03-13 Thomas Schmidtadd external id column, make links a little bit darker
2009-03-10 Thomas Schmidtconsolidate feature.products() method, work on product...
2009-03-09 Thomas Schmidtadd link to show all partner features
2009-03-06 Thomas Schmidtsort score numerically
2009-03-03 Andre Duffeckthis is already checked before, now
2009-03-01 Thomas Schmidtfix score column
2009-02-13 Andre Duffeckadd a "Score" column to the query results page
2009-01-21 Thomas Schmidtinitial openfate checkin