refactor feature xml access, extend tests
[opensuse:openfate.git] / app / views / feature / _stakeholdereditor.html.erb
2010-09-20 Thomas Schmidtrefactor feature xml access, extend tests
2009-04-17 Dominik HeidlerFixed bug with html entities encoded already by tiny_mce
2009-04-16 Dominik HeidlerAdded WYSIWYG to stakeholder_benefit
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtremove relationeditor from openfate until it's implemen...
2009-03-13 Thomas Schmidtadd external id column, make links a little bit darker
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidtworking on stakeholder data edit
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidt- add an @appname var for the different clients