doc: make a link from modprobe.d.sgml to modprobe.conf.sgml
[opensuse:module-init-tools.git] / testing.h
2009-03-02 Kay SieversMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-02-23 Alan JenkinsMerge branches 'tests' and 'fixes'
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: fix reduced delays
2009-02-18 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_alan
2009-02-12 Alan Jenkinspatch testsuite-dir
2009-02-11 Alan JenkinsReduce test delays
2009-02-10 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fallback to text files if binary index is...
2008-12-04 Jon Masterscleanup the testsuite and make it useful again (part 1)
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersBegin tracking post-3.3-pre3 development with git.