Merge branch 'dev'
[opensuse:module-init-tools.git] / util.h
2010-03-02 Alan JenkinsMerge branch 'cleanups' into softdep-merge
2010-01-15 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_alan
2010-01-15 Jon Mastersdepmod: use real regex matching on depmod "overrides...
2009-05-27 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup3' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonfix minor strtbl_free and strtbl_add problems
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmove ELF-related code into elfops
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonutil: introduce new string table object
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonRewrite my_basename() as inline function
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up get_section()
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up ELF header tester elf_ident()
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up native-endianness tests
2009-04-30 Andreas Robinson[PATCH 1/4] Clean up my_basename()
2009-03-12 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove a few common functions and macros to "util"