Merge branch 'dev'
[opensuse:module-init-tools.git] /
2011-06-02 Jon MastersMerge branch 'dev' of /utils/kernel/module-init-tools...
2011-06-02 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of /utils/kernel/module-init... v3.15
2011-06-02 Jon Mastersdoc: properly fix documentation generation
2011-06-02 Jon Mastersbuild: fix release process to drive tools such as git...
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersbuild: remove explicit call to build modules.dep.bin v3.12-pre2
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersbuild: fix the release location for automated builds
2010-03-10 Jon MastersMerge branch 'alan-softdep-merge' into dev
2010-03-02 Jon Mastersdoc: cleanup all of the man page documentation
2009-05-27 Jon Mastersbuild: remove elf_core.c from source dependencies
2009-05-27 Mike Frysingeradd configure option to disable creation of .static...
2009-05-27 Mike Frysingerlink modprobe.d(5) to modprobe.conf(5)
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup2' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-13 Robby Workmandocs/support files: remove deprecated/obsolete back...
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmoduleops: rename to elfops and move to static lib
2009-04-30 Jon MastersAdd elf_core.c into the EXTRA_SOURCES for the static... v3.8
2009-04-30 Andreas Robinsonbuild: put shared functions in static library
2009-04-08 Alan Jenkinsremove all legacy support for pre-2.6 kernels
2009-04-08 Alan Jenkins"make check" shouldn't run our testsuite
2009-03-12 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove a few common functions and macros to "util"
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove more logging to common files
2009-03-11 Alan Jenkinsbuild: Build tests in a separate directory
2009-03-11 Alan Jenkinsbuild: Fix "make distclean"
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersbuild: make module-init-tools explicitly depend on...
2009-02-10 Kay Sieversmodinfo: needs logging.c to compile
2009-02-10 Mike Frysingermark man pages as dist targets
2009-02-04 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_keybuk
2009-01-23 Scott James RemnantFilter configuration files
2008-11-26 Andreasremove legacy support for devfs and pre-2.6 kernels...
2008-10-13 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Add tests for reading module index files
2008-10-13 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: use binary index files
2008-10-13 Jon Mastersdepmod: Add binary index files
2008-10-13 Alan JenkinsMove modprobe & depmod's identical logging code into...
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersBegin tracking post-3.3-pre3 development with git.