2010-08-25 Jan Engelhardtuse %_smp_mflags
2010-08-25 Michal Marekweak-modules2: Do not consider other flavors when adding
2010-08-25 Michal Marekweak-modules2: Do not create incompatible symlinks...
2010-08-25 Michal Marekweak-modules2: Simplify usage of kmp_is_present()
2010-06-02 Michal Marekdoc: Do not generate modprobe.d.5 from sgml
2010-06-01 Michal MarekFix a build error in modprobe.c
2010-06-01 Michal MarekOne more specfile fix
2010-06-01 Michal MarekFix specfile template for -rcX versions
2010-06-01 Michal MarekMerge branch 'suse-scripts' into suse-factory
2010-06-01 Michal Marek[scripts] Strip -preX suffix from rpm version suse-scripts
2010-06-01 Michal MarekUpdate to current git (v3.12-pre3+)
2010-05-25 Kay Sieversdepmod: export static device node information to module...
2010-05-25 Jon Mastersdepmod: add some comments to the code v3.12-pre3
2010-05-25 Jon MastersBUGS: Update the bugs file
2010-05-25 Jon MastersBUGS: Tracking bugs being worked on from bugzilla
2010-05-04 Jon Masterspre-release: module-init-tools v3.12-pre3 v3.3-pre13
2010-05-04 Alan Jenkinsbuild: handle old (System V) style wc output
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: try to remove unused modules first
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: pull underscores() out of do_modprobe()
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: --dump-modversions takes one filename only
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: remove some redundant softdep code
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: remove support for renaming modules
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fix softdep flags
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fix dump_config
2010-03-17 Alan Jenkinsdoc: fix sgml errors
2010-03-16 Alan Jenkinsdoc: fix typo
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersbuild: remove explicit call to build modules.dep.bin v3.12-pre2
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersbuild: fix the release location for automated builds
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersdoc: fix reference for modules.dep.bin
2010-03-10 Jon Masterspre-release: module-init-tools v3.12-pre2
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix the softdep docs and re-order the modprob...
2010-03-10 Jon Mastersmodprobe: trivial cleanups post-merge of softdep bits
2010-03-10 Jon MastersMerge branch 'alan-softdep-merge' into dev
2010-03-09 Jon Mastersdepmod: trivial add comment to depmod.h
2010-03-04 Jon Mastersconfig_filter: add some documentation
2010-03-02 Jon Mastersdoc: Further documentation updates and rewrites
2010-03-02 Alan Jenkinstests: enable leak checking under --valgrind
2010-03-02 Alan JenkinsMerge branch 'cleanups' into softdep-merge
2010-03-02 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: re-use config data across multiple calls...
2010-03-02 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: complete the separation of config parsing...
2010-03-02 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: clean up minor memory leaks
2010-03-02 Jon Mastersmodprobe: re-enable inadvertently disabled options
2010-03-02 Jon Mastersdoc: cleanup all of the man page documentation
2010-03-01 Jon Mastersmeta: update various documentation, logs, authors,...
2010-02-26 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: refactor read_aliases()
2010-02-25 Alan Jenkinsinsmod: fix memory leak
2010-02-25 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fix memory leak when built with zlib support
2010-02-25 Alan Jenkinselfops: fix crash on grab_fd() failure
2010-02-25 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fix potential memory leak on failure path
2010-02-25 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: simplify insmod() calling convention - don...
2010-02-25 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: clean up mit_ignore_loaded flag in rmmod()
2010-02-24 Thomas KoellerFix SGML docs in module-init-tools-3.11
2010-02-24 Gilles EspinasseFix depmod -e without -F or -E unterminated warning
2010-01-15 Jon Masterspre-release: initial version for 3.12 v3.12-pre1
2010-01-15 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_alan
2010-01-15 Jon Mastersdepmod: use real regex matching on depmod "overrides...
2009-11-25 Philipp WeisBug#548841: module-init-tools: Modprobe -q should alway...
2009-11-25 Alan Jenkinsax_enable_builddir: improve quality of generated top...
2009-11-05 Andreas Robinsondepmod: generate modules.softdep
2009-11-04 Michal MarekHint mkinitrd that libcrc32c.ko requires crc32c.ko...
2009-10-22 Michal MarekUpdated to 3.11.1
2009-10-21 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools v3.11.1 v3.11.1
2009-10-16 Andreas Robinsondoc: add softdep command
2009-10-15 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools v3.11 v3.11
2009-10-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: change softdep --pre/--post to pre:/post:
2009-10-10 Andreas Robinsontest: add softdep test, modprobe: fix simple bugs in...
2009-10-04 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: add simple softdep loop detector
2009-10-04 Andreas Robinsonelfops: remove errfn_t from load_strings
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: add softdep command
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: don't modify the modname string passed to...
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: enable calling do_modprobe from within handle...
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: put configuration objects in a struct
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: cleanup indentation change in conf parser
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: reduce nesting in conf parser
2009-10-01 Alan JenkinsMerge branch 'master' into forkbomb
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: re-add test for /proc/modules support
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: fix tests for install/remove commands
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: ignore custom remove commands if module_in_ke...
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: don't run remove commands for modules which...
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Get module initstate from /proc/modules if...
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Don't assume module absent if no /sys/module...
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Ignore custom install commands if module_in_k...
2009-10-01 Jon Mastersmodule-init-tools v3.11-rc1 v3.11-rc1
2009-10-01 Michal Marekmodprobe: handle built-in modules (v4, this time tested...)
2009-10-01 Michal Marekdepmod: change depfile functions to return int
2009-10-01 Thomas Bächlermodprobe: add --resolve-alias option
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinslogging: tell GCC to check calls to error() etc
2009-10-01 Ozan Çağlayanmodinfo: Fix segmentation fault due to the wrong parameter
2009-09-15 Michal Marekweak-modules2: fix missing argument to can_replace_kmp...
2009-08-03 Michal MarekUpdated to 3.10
2009-08-03 Michal Marekmodprobe: print "builtin <module>" if a module is builtin
2009-08-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'suse-scripts' into suse-factory
2009-08-03 Michal MarekFix the generated module-init-tools-manpages.diff
2009-08-03 Michal Marek[scripts] suse/ handle errors from background...
2009-07-16 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools version 3.10 v3.10
2009-07-15 Michal Marekmodprobe: handle built-in modules
2009-07-08 Michal Marekdepmod: change depfile functions to return int
2009-07-03 Michal MarekUpdated to git master (351e438)
2009-07-03 Michal Marekstart maintaining the package in a branch of an upstrea...
2009-07-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'suse-scripts' into suse-factory