2008-09-09 Jon MastersIt is often advantageous to pass parameters to built...
2007-10-07 Jon MastersUpdate version to v3.4. v3.4
2007-10-07 Jon MastersMerge ../remotes/kay-mit
2007-09-05 Jon Masters[PATCH 2/2] Fix (improve) deadlock condition on module... v3.3-pre12
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversmodprobe: apply the blacklist to all aliases
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversmodprobe.8: add --use-blacklist option
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversdepmod.8: replace unicode by plain ascii
2007-07-30 Jon MastersMake module-init-tools build with ANSI C 89 compiler
2007-07-30 Jon Masters[PATCH] module-init-tools : insmod_correct_argv0_comput...
2007-03-22 Jon Masters[CLEANUP] Cleanup tree and add a HACKING doc. v3.3-pre11
2007-03-20 Jon Masters[PATCH] Handle multiple kernels in modinfo.
2007-02-22 Jon Mastersprocess: get in the habit of updating ChangeLog too. v3.3-pre10
2007-02-22 Jon Mastersbuild-system: re-add to default distribution v3.3-pre9
2007-02-22 Jon Mastersbuild-system: re-add a default configure script for... v3.3-pre8
2007-02-21 Jon Mastersbuild-system: update's m-i-t version number. v3.3-pre7
2007-02-21 Jon MastersMerge branch 'depmod-misc-fixes' of distro2.conectiva...
2007-02-21 Jon MastersMerge branch 'misc-fixes' of
2007-02-21 Tobias Stoeckmann[PATCH] Correct strdup error handling and insmod.static...
2007-02-10 Luiz Fernando... depmod: Allocate do_module()'s newpath in the stack
2007-02-09 Luiz Fernando... depmod: Add checks to strdup()'s return value
2007-02-09 Luiz Fernando... depmod: do_module() leak fix
2007-02-09 Luiz Fernando... depmod: read_config_file() should abort on error
2007-02-09 Luiz Fernando... depmod.8: Add -C text
2007-02-09 Luiz Fernando... depmod.8: Remove duplicated 'basedir' from -b option
2007-02-09 Luiz Fernando... depmod.8: List options in alphabetical order
2007-02-01 Luiz Fernando... depmod: load_system_map() minor optimization.
2007-02-01 Luiz Fernando... depmod: Fixes load_system_map() NULL pointer.
2007-02-01 Luiz Fernando... repo: More files to .gitignore
2007-02-01 Luiz Fernando... build-system: updates's m-i-t version...
2007-02-01 Luiz Fernando... build-system: renames file.
2007-02-01 Luiz Fernando... build-system: Removes autotools generated files.
2007-02-01 Ladislav Michl[PATCH] [Fwd: module-init-tools-3.3-pre1 - config.sub... v3.3-pre6
2007-01-03 Sergey Vlasovmodprobe: Fix format string bug in do_command() v3.3-pre5
2007-01-03 Sergey Vlasovmodprobe: Do not pass cmdline_opts to subordinate modules
2007-01-02 Sergey VlasovAdd .gitignore file to unclutter "git status" output
2007-01-02 Sergey VlasovRemove more garbage from the repository
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersI previously applied a patch to add --dump-modversions... v3.3-pre4
2006-12-08 Jonathan Masters-------- Forwarded Message --------
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: modinfo: Memory leak fixes.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: rmmod: Changes exit() return value.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: zlibsupport: Adds missing fstat() return value...
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: zlibsupport: Adds missing realloc() check.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: depmod: adds missing fclose() in load_system_m...
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: depmod: adds missing options to manpage.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: depmod: print_usage() minor fixes.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: insmod: Fixes errno override.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: insmod: Adds missing realloc() check.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersSubject: insmod: Fixes grab_file() NULL pointer.
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersLuiz Fernando N. Capitulino mentioned that some dud...
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersBegin tracking post-3.3-pre3 development with git.