modprobe: put configuration objects in a struct
[opensuse:module-init-tools.git] / modprobe.c
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: put configuration objects in a struct
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: cleanup indentation change in conf parser
2009-10-03 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: reduce nesting in conf parser
2009-10-01 Michal Marekmodprobe: handle built-in modules (v4, this time tested...)
2009-10-01 Thomas Bächlermodprobe: add --resolve-alias option
2009-06-23 Jon MastersMerge branch 'modprobe_main' of ../module_init_tools_an...
2009-06-23 Jon MastersMerge branch 'modprobe_main' of git://
2009-06-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: fix various simple style issues related to...
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: move modprobing from main() into separate...
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: merge option flags into a single parameter
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: remove broken -w option
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: rename some option variables
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: trivial code reorganization
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: --remove requires at least one module name
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: don't ignore --set-version when preceded...
2009-06-11 Alan JenkinsClean up missing options
2009-06-11 Alan JenkinsRe-order options to make the code easier to check
2009-05-27 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup3' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe, tests: make modprobe fail noisily on non...
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonread string sections such as .modinfo with load_strings()
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonlogging, modprobe: move errfn_t to logging.h
2009-05-21 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix tab formatting of return statement
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup2' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe, elfops: move most of dump_modversions() to...
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe, elfops: move strip_section() to elfops and...
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: use elf_file in ELF-related functions
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: trivial indentation fix in dump_modversions()
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: load modules with grab_elf_file_fd()
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmove ELF-related code into elfops
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up get_section()
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up ELF header tester elf_ident()
2009-04-30 Andreas Robinson[PATCH 1/4] Clean up my_basename()
2009-03-12 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsTake advantage of strstarts
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsEnforce use of streq
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove a few common functions and macros to "util"
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove more logging to common files
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Fix segfault in parse_config_file
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Fix out of date comment
2009-03-04 Michal Marekmodprobe: remove obsolete -k, --autoclean option
2009-03-04 Don Zickusmodprobe: abort loading module if one of its dependents...
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix handling of quiet module loading
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersmodprobe: make return values consistent for quiet/non...
2009-03-03 Loïc Miniermodprobe: don't exit when silent
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersmodprobe: remove flock() because it never worked anyway
2009-03-02 Kay Sieversmodprobe,depmod: deprecate "include", sort config files...
2009-03-02 Kay SieversMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-02-26 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix comment on kcmdline
2009-02-23 Alan JenkinsMerge branches 'tests' and 'fixes'
2009-02-18 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_alan
2009-02-11 Alan JenkinsSurvive "/sys is not mounted"
2009-02-11 Jon Mastersmodprobe: parse empty options correctly
2009-02-10 Michal Marekmodprobe: fix options priority
2009-02-10 Alan Jenkinsadd module ordering support for binary indexes
2009-02-10 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fallback to text files if binary index is...
2009-02-20 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Fix segfault when MODPROBE_OPTIONS=""
2009-02-20 Alan JenkinsFix underscores() corner case (and optimise)
2009-02-04 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_keybuk
2009-01-23 Scott James RemnantFilter configuration files
2009-01-23 Jon Mastersmodprobe: cleanup relative/absolute module path handling
2009-01-23 Alan JenkinsRequired by "use /sys/module/ rather than parsing legac...
2008-12-04 Jon Masterscleanup the testsuite and make it useful again (part 1)
2008-11-26 Jon Mastersuse shortened pathnames in dependency output and add...
2008-11-26 Andreasuse /sys/module/ rather than parsing legacy /proc/modules
2008-11-26 Andreasremove legacy support for devfs and pre-2.6 kernels...
2008-11-26 Andreascheck that asprintf() calls actually allocate memory...
2008-10-13 Jon Mastersadd --dump-modversions option to modprobe to dump modul...
2008-10-13 Jon Mastersdon't warn noisely if loading multiple module aliases
2008-10-13 Jon Masterssearch all config files by default rather than stopping...
2008-10-13 Jon Mastersmodprobe: add toggle switch config file option to disab...
2008-10-13 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: use binary index files
2008-10-13 Alan JenkinsMove modprobe & depmod's identical logging code into...
2008-10-13 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Don't scan modules.dep for invalid module...
2008-10-13 Alan JenkinsMinimize overhead of getlines_wrapped in modprobe and...
2008-10-13 Alan Jenkinsfix some memory leaks in depmod, modprobe and rmmod
2008-09-09 Jon MastersIt is often advantageous to pass parameters to built...
2007-10-07 Jon MastersMerge ../remotes/kay-mit
2007-09-05 Jon Masters[PATCH 2/2] Fix (improve) deadlock condition on module... v3.3-pre12
2007-08-30 Kay Sieversmodprobe: apply the blacklist to all aliases
2007-01-03 Sergey Vlasovmodprobe: Fix format string bug in do_command() v3.3-pre5
2007-01-03 Sergey Vlasovmodprobe: Do not pass cmdline_opts to subordinate modules
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersI previously applied a patch to add --dump-modversions... v3.3-pre4
2006-12-08 Jonathan Masters-------- Forwarded Message --------
2006-12-08 Jonathan MastersBegin tracking post-3.3-pre3 development with git.