2009-10-23 Michal MarekGenerate modules.dep with absolute paths as before
2009-10-23 Michal Marekweak-modules2: fix missing argument to can_replace_kmp()
2009-10-23 Michal Marek- weak-modules2: suppress useless output from cpio...
2009-10-23 Michal MarekUpdated to v3.11.1 (fate#306901)
2009-10-22 Michal Marekstart maintaining the SLE11-SP1 package in a branch...
2009-10-22 Michal MarekMerge branch 'suse-scripts' into suse-sle11-sp1
2009-10-21 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools v3.11.1 v3.11.1
2009-10-15 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools v3.11 v3.11
2009-10-01 Jon Mastersmodule-init-tools v3.11-rc1 v3.11-rc1
2009-10-01 Michal Marekmodprobe: handle built-in modules (v4, this time tested...)
2009-10-01 Michal Marekdepmod: change depfile functions to return int
2009-10-01 Thomas Bächlermodprobe: add --resolve-alias option
2009-10-01 Alan Jenkinslogging: tell GCC to check calls to error() etc
2009-10-01 Ozan Çağlayanmodinfo: Fix segmentation fault due to the wrong parameter
2009-08-03 Michal MarekFix the generated module-init-tools-manpages.diff
2009-08-03 Michal Marek[scripts] suse/ handle errors from background...
2009-07-16 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools version 3.10 v3.10
2009-07-03 Michal Marek[scripts] add common files for maintaining the suse...
2009-06-27 Jon Masterstestsuite: rebuild all module data files
2009-06-27 Jon MastersFrom: Michal Marek <>
2009-06-27 Michal Marektestsuite: add a Makefile to rebuild the test modules
2009-06-27 Michal Marektestsuite: add option to only test a given endianess...
2009-06-23 Jon Mastersgit: ignore libmodtools.a
2009-06-23 Michal MarekAdd cscope/ctags/etags files to .gitignore
2009-06-23 Jon Mastersdepmod: add ability to check symbol versions
2009-06-23 Michal Marekelfops: kill first argument of load_dep_syms()
2009-06-23 Michal Marekelfops: clean up load_symbols()
2009-06-23 Jon Mastersdoc: link depmod.d to depmod.conf also
2009-06-23 Jon MastersMerge branch 'modprobe_main' of ../module_init_tools_an...
2009-06-23 Jon MastersMerge branch 'modprobe_main' of git://
2009-06-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: fix various simple style issues related to...
2009-06-15 Andreas Robinsondoc: delete modprobe -w option documentation
2009-06-15 Alan Jenkinstests: remove depmod --unknown option test
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: move modprobing from main() into separate...
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: merge option flags into a single parameter
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: remove broken -w option
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: rename some option variables
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsontest-depmod: Fix error message mismatch
2009-06-13 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: trivial code reorganization
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsmodindex: simplify option handling
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsdoc: modprobe --dumpversions needs a full filename...
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: simplify option error handling
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: --remove requires at least one module name
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: don't ignore --set-version when preceded...
2009-06-11 Alan Jenkinsdepmod --warn doesn't has_arg
2009-06-11 Alan JenkinsClean up missing options
2009-06-11 Alan JenkinsRe-order options to make the code easier to check
2009-05-28 Jon Masterstestsuite: rebuild all the 64-be|le data files
2009-05-27 Jon Mastersdoc: make a link from modprobe.d.sgml to modprobe.conf... v3.9
2009-05-27 Jon Mastersbuild: remove elf_core.c from source dependencies
2009-05-27 Jon Mastersrelease: module-init-tools v3.9
2009-05-27 Mike Frysingeradd configure option to disable creation of .static...
2009-05-27 Mike Frysingerlink modprobe.d(5) to modprobe.conf(5)
2009-05-27 Alan Jenkinslogging: remove unused warning counter
2009-05-27 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup3' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-27 Jon Mastersmodindex: getopt_long returns int not char (fix ppc64...
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe, tests: make modprobe fail noisily on non...
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonread string sections such as .modinfo with load_strings()
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonlogging, modprobe: move errfn_t to logging.h
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonelfops: clear struct module_tables with memset()
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonelfops: fix potential crashing bug in load_symbols()
2009-05-21 Andreas Robinsonfix minor strtbl_free and strtbl_add problems
2009-05-21 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix tab formatting of return statement
2009-05-19 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: fix uninitialized value error in "depmod -...
2009-05-19 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: add --valgrind
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup2' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-19 Jon MastersMerge branch 'elf_cleanup' of ../module_init_tools_andr345
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonelfops: hide elf_ident(), no users outside elfops
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe, elfops: move most of dump_modversions() to...
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe, elfops: move strip_section() to elfops and...
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonelfops: use elf_file in, and return section header...
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonelfops: hide get_section() and rename its parameters
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: use elf_file in ELF-related functions
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: trivial indentation fix in dump_modversions()
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodprobe: load modules with grab_elf_file_fd()
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodinfo: load modules with grab_elf_file()
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodinfo: use logging facility for oom-checks and error...
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonmodinfo: clean up grab_module()
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonelfops, depmod: add elf_file grab/release functions
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonelfops: add strict bounds checking to get/load_section()
2009-05-15 Andreas Robinsonelfops: export load_section(), hide load_strings()
2009-05-13 Robby Workmaninstall-with-care: Replace backticks with braces
2009-05-13 Robby Workmandocs/support files: remove deprecated/obsolete back...
2009-05-13 Robby Workmanmanpages: general cleanup and removal of backwards...
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonutil: document the rationale for the string table
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonelfops: Fix symbol type (weak, undef) definitions
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmove ELF-related code into elfops
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmoduleops: rename to elfops and move to static lib
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsondepmod: Introduce struct elf_file
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmoduleops: Trivial code cleanups
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsondepmod: move tables from struct module into separate...
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonmoduleops: add load_strings() operation
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsondepmod: separate symbol lookup and dependency calculation
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsondepmod: rewrite load_symbols() to not use callback
2009-05-12 Andreas Robinsonutil: introduce new string table object
2009-04-30 Jon MastersAdd elf_core.c into the EXTRA_SOURCES for the static... v3.8
2009-04-30 Jon Mastersrelease: bump release to v3.8
2009-04-30 Michal MarekDon't abort the build if docbook2man is missing
2009-04-30 Michal MarekAllow to link zlib dynamically
2009-04-30 Andreas Robinsonbuild: put shared functions in static library