last changeMon, 20 Sep 2010 22:58:28 +0000 (00:58 +0200)
2010-09-20 Bernhard WalleDon't run fsck in the kdump kernel SLE10-SP3
2010-07-13 Michal MarekRevert "Fix localtime issue - backport from Factory"
2010-06-11 Michal MarekReport non-zero exit code before exiting
2010-06-04 Michal MarekCheck if /usr/bin/on_ac_power exists before including it
2010-06-01 Milan VancuraFix typo in initrd function udev_check_for_device()
2010-04-28 Michal MarekFix rpm changelog
2010-03-12 Milan VancuraFix LUKS check
2010-03-12 Michal MarekFix last change for multiple dm tables
2010-03-12 Milan VancuraLVM on top of DM: add multipath support only if needed
2010-03-12 Michal MarekMerge branch 'SLE10-SP2' into SLE10-SP3
2010-03-12 Hannes ReineckeUpdate qeth setup to assign correct MAC address SLE10-SP2
2010-03-12 Hannes ReineckeAdd support for iSCSI over qeth
2010-03-10 Michal MarekMerge branch 'SLE10-SP2' into SLE10-SP3
2010-03-10 Michal MarekUse udevsettle before killing udevd
2010-03-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'SLE10-SP2' into SLE10-SP3
2010-03-03 Michal MarekFix for lvm with multiple disks
7 years ago SLE10-SP4
8 years ago SLE10-SP3
8 years ago SLE10-SP2
8 years ago SLE9-SP4