last changeFri, 9 Dec 2011 15:14:32 +0000 (16:14 +0100)
2011-12-09 Thomas Schmidtimplement fallback if opensuse mail is not there master
2011-12-02 Thomas Schmidtupdate script
2011-10-28 Thomas Schmidtupdate text
2011-10-27 Thomas Schmidtadd opensuse-project
2011-10-27 Thomas Schmidtscript for sending election announcement mails
2011-08-17 Klaas FreitagWIP
2011-08-17 Klaas Freitagchanges WIP
2011-08-16 Klaas FreitagFixes for html generation
2011-08-15 Klaas FreitagMore work on schedule
2011-08-15 Klaas FreitagWIP: Added BREAK and COMMON keywords, worked on schedule
2011-08-12 Klaas FreitagScript to generate a conf schedule out of a text file
2010-09-14 Pavol Rusnakadapt fedora-getpkg to their git switch
2010-06-29 Pavol Rusnakadd fedora-getpkg script
2010-03-02 Pavol Rusnakadd gem-update
2010-01-29 Pavol Rusnakfix json parsing because of the format change
2009-12-25 Pavol Rusnakuse x instead of *
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