fixed margin for "event calendar 3" plugin
[opensuse:marguerite-bento.git] / bento / style.css
2010-09-23 Robert Lihmfixed margin for "event calendar 3" plugin
2010-09-23 Robert Lihmadded snoppet and css for rating plugin
2010-09-22 Robert Lihmsome tiny changes for nested-comments
2010-08-17 Robert Lihmadded rounded corners at highlits for webkit
2010-08-17 Robert Lihmchanged look of highlights
2010-08-17 Robert Lihmremoved useless sidebars. Widgets are now singel boxes.
2010-08-17 Robert Lihmadded some css for page highlight plugin
2010-07-14 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-14 Robert does clear: both; now. Made problems on Calendar...
2010-07-14 Robert Lihmfixed links in calendar
2010-07-14 Robert Lihmfixed issue with box-header in wp-bento
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmfixed position of :first-child in sidebar
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmswitched to static.o.o again
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded styles for .postmetadata
2010-04-20 Robert Lihmimporting css from static again
2010-04-20 Robert Lihmfixed box-headline positioning and classnames
2010-04-15 Robert Lihmremoved statzic content from sidebars
2010-04-14 Robert LihmBento Theme for Wordpress