2011-08-25 Nikolay RysevAdd TODO master
2011-08-21 Nikolay Rysev[arch] actual build
2011-08-21 Nikolay Rysev[arch] silent package installation
2011-08-21 Nikolay RysevAdd packages required for actual archlinux build
2011-08-21 Nikolay RysevMake init_buildsystem fully working for archlinux
2011-08-21 Nikolay RysevAdd more packages to arch.conf
2011-08-21 Nikolay RysevAdd archlinux package support to order script
2011-08-15 Nikolay RysevAdd archlinux "any" arch to expanddeps
2011-08-15 Nikolay Rysev[arch] push package name to provides array
2011-08-10 Nikolay RysevAdd preliminary support for building archlinux packages
2011-08-10 Nikolay Rysevcreatearchdeps: support ftp repos as well
2011-08-09 Nikolay RysevSimple arch config
2011-08-09 Nikolay RysevAdd arch support to init_buildsystem
2011-08-09 Nikolay RysevMinor regexp change
2011-08-09 Nikolay RysevAdd leading "arch@" for archlinux repos
2011-07-13 Nikolay Rysev[arch] Add createarchdeps helper script
2011-06-09 Nikolay RysevMerge branch 'opensuse-master'
2011-06-09 Nikolay Rysev[arch] Stop parsing if package unpack failed
2011-06-08 Michael Schroeder- remove Adrian's BS
2011-06-07 Adrian Schröter- detect full file systems at the end of the build...
2011-06-07 Adrian Schröter- handle past and current kiwi versions correctly durin...
2011-06-06 Adrian Schröter- do not build ia64 baselibs packages on openSUSE,...
2011-06-06 Nikolay Rysev[arch] updates
2011-06-06 Nikolay Rysev[arch] add query and queryhdrmd5 functions
2011-05-26 Nikolay RysevRework Build/ 'parse' to avoid empty lines
2011-05-24 Adrian Schröter- add simple build description show function
2011-05-24 Nikolay RysevArch parse fixes
2011-05-23 Nikolay RysevSome updates
2011-05-23 Nikolay RysevAdd parse function to
2011-05-18 Nikolay RysevGit test. Added arch perl module.
2011-05-16 Michael Schroeder- make peace with rpm-4.9 by not undefining the _suse_i...
2011-05-15 Adrian Schröter- fix syntax error from last commit
2011-05-15 Martin Mohring[build] unbreak 236570d19ea2a31bcd2197ace0c0e6e70ead8f1...
2011-05-02 Adrian Schröter- add config for factory builds
2011-04-28 Michael Schroeder- mkdrpms: also support files instead of directories...
2011-04-28 Michael Schroeder- get rid of glob() call, make it write a "dseq" file
2011-04-26 Ruediger Oertelchange regexp to not break on mail addresses containing...
2011-04-20 Jan-Simon Möller[build] Fix typo.
2011-04-20 Jan-Simon Möller[build] Add btrfs support to the worker autosetup disks...
2011-04-15 Adrian Schröter- workaround a bug in qemu-kvm where wrong cpuid can...
2011-04-15 Adrian Schröter- build with single cpu on debian again according to...
2011-04-06 Ludwig Nusselmake sure /.build is available always
2011-04-06 Ludwig Nusselchroot before touching files in build root
2011-04-03 Martin Mohring[build] bring initvm based QEMU Usermode registration...
2011-03-22 Jan-Simon Möller[build] add needed data to fix issues in xen/kvm contin...
2011-03-21 Adrian Schröter- do not mount block devices via loop device
2011-03-20 James Perkinsinit_buildsystem: copy_qemu: prefer $BUILD_DIR qemu...
2011-03-20 James Perkinsinitvm: add targets to the Makefile to support compilat...
2011-03-20 James PerkinsUse initvm: Add recognition and use of initvm over...
2011-03-20 James Perkinsbuild-initvm: new files for static binary to register...
2011-03-17 Michael Schroeder- accept new 'cicntstart' parameter to specify the...
2011-03-04 Adrian Schröteradd openSUSE 11.4 config
2011-03-01 Adrian Schröter- fix xen build for SLE 11 mktemp
2011-02-10 Ludwig Nusselrequire bsdtar for VMs
2011-02-10 Ludwig Nusselset CACHE_DIR in common_functions
2011-02-08 Adrian Schrötersetup more compilers for ccache, by Christopher Horler...
2011-02-07 Ludwig Nusseladd code comments
2011-02-05 Martin Mohring[build] to check for QEMU Usermode handle, loop over...
2011-02-05 Martin Mohring[build] be more verbose on kvm not working
2011-02-03 Ludwig Nusseluse special config for spectool as fallback
2011-02-03 Ludwig Nusselmake size calculation simpler
2011-02-03 Ludwig Nusselallow empty VM_SWAP
2011-02-03 Ludwig Nusselvm_memory is superfluous atm
2011-02-03 Ludwig Nusselspec_add_patch: handle multiple patches at once
2011-01-30 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd armv7hl (hardfloat ABI) support. Beside armv7hl...
2011-01-28 David GreavesSupport the <SPEC_REL> macro. This allows user values...
2011-01-21 David GreavesUse $line instead of $l when there are so many $1 nearby
2011-01-11 Luboš Luňákmake debtransform support packages with .tar.bz2 and...
2011-01-11 Cristian RodríguezIn ext4 just axe the journal alltogether.
2011-01-11 Fathi Boudrapass BUILD_JOBS to DSC_BUILD_CMD
2011-01-10 Michael Schroeder- also use --numeric-owner in bsdtar case
2011-01-06 Adrian Schröterstrip XENID a bit more, the new xen tools would strip...
2011-01-05 Michael Schroederremove exit marker in cleanup_and_exit
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröterxen.conf is not installable anymore
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröterand now without a security issue
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröterredo last commit with temporary xen.conf file. Get...
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröter* support parallel build with xen
2010-12-13 Ludwig Nusseldon't try to copy oldpackages inside vm
2010-12-10 Michael Schroeder- run createrepo with --simple-md-filenames if possible
2010-12-10 Michael Schroeder- also use -o when using bsdtar --chroot
2010-12-07 Michael Schroeder- use bsdtar if possible
2010-12-02 Michael Schroeder- support 'OTHER' filedrop area, remove ZIP and EXE...
2010-12-01 Michael Schroeder- make expanddeps use the highest version of a package...
2010-11-24 Ludwig Nusselremove .build.oldpackages if not used
2010-11-24 Ludwig Nusseldon't create deltas if build is same as before
2010-11-23 Adrian Schröterexport zip and exe files from cross built ms-windows...
2010-11-18 Adrian Schröteruse no-kvmclock. Time should be still consistent, maybe...
2010-11-18 Adrian Schröterdo not use "noapic" for kvm as recommended by Alex
2010-11-18 Adrian Schrötergive a better hint on using wrong kiwi repository path url
2010-11-11 Adrian Schröterinstall signdummy
2010-11-10 Michael Schroederadd workaround for Ubuntu 10 builds
2010-11-10 Michael Schroederallow x in abuild password field
2010-11-10 Michael Schroedermake "noclobber" message silent
2010-11-10 Michael Schroeder- remove useless ';'
2010-11-10 Adrian SchröterXEN is too broken to use tap:aio reliable :/
2010-11-10 Adrian SchröterXEN: switch from using phy: to tap:aio: to improve...
2010-11-02 Ludwig Nusselunlink correct file
2010-10-29 Ludwig Nusselthrow away deltas bigger than 80% of the reference
2010-10-27 Ludwig Nusseluse '.drpm' suffix instead of '.delta.rpm'
2010-10-27 Ludwig Nusselrename makedeltarpms -> mkdrpms