2010-07-21 David GreavesModifed script to allow easy import of new gems master
2010-06-29 Pavol Rusnakadd fedora-getpkg script
2010-03-02 Pavol Rusnakadd gem-update
2010-01-29 Pavol Rusnakfix json parsing because of the format change
2009-12-25 Pavol Rusnakuse x instead of *
2009-12-25 Pavol Rusnakadd match column
2009-12-21 Pavol Rusnakdon't pollute output with pwd
2009-12-21 Pavol Rusnakadd buildservice-gemcutter-versions
2009-09-08 Pavol Rusnakadd README
2009-09-08 Pavol Rusnakadded php_syntax_check