2007-08-02 tgoettlicherfix #296624 rename faulty
2007-08-01 tgoettlicheradded priority for pkgmgr patches
2007-07-30 tgoettlichergit-svn-id:
2007-07-30 tgoettlicheradded recurring notification when updates exist (#292556)
2007-07-27 tgoettlicherfix build
2007-07-27 tgoettlicherfix build
2007-07-27 tgoettlichercleanup
2007-07-27 tgoettlicherMakefiles
2007-07-26 tgoettlicherUpdater restarts after installation of pkgmgr patches
2007-07-26 tgoettlicherpkgmgrr-patches are processed first
2007-07-26 tgoettlicherfixed 282674
2007-07-25 tgoettlicherProcessing error messages now
2007-07-25 tgoettlicherbackup
2007-07-25 tgoettlicherpanic checkin
2007-07-20 tgoettlicherAdd sudo to zypper for call of zypper
2007-07-20 tgoettlicherfix icons
2007-07-20 tgoettlicherCreated new busy icon
2007-07-19 tgoettlicheradded license dialog
2007-07-17 tgoettlicherAdded Zypp Backend with traditional logic (calling...
2007-07-17 dmacvicarUse the new KDE3 modules from Alexander Neundorf with...
2007-07-17 dmacvicarrequire cmake
2007-07-17 dmacvicarRequire the right kdepim3 and kdelibs3 and
2007-07-17 dmacvicarRequire the right kdelibs version with networkstatus...
2007-07-17 tgoettlicheradded progressbar to simpleview
2007-07-17 tgoettlichersimpleview shows packagecount
2007-07-16 tgoettlicherchanges in simpleview
2007-07-16 tgoettlicherbackup
2007-07-13 tgoettlicherLogic for simpleview and mainwindow
2007-07-12 tgoettlicher- added SimpleView
2007-07-11 tgoettlicherpopup replaced by new popup
2007-07-10 tgoettlicherProgressPopup is working now
2007-07-09 tgoettlicherAdded first step for progresspopup when installing...
2007-07-09 tgoettlicherfixed bug
2007-07-06 tgoettlicherdisplay of package/patch description fixed
2007-07-06 tgoettlichermiscellaneous
2007-07-06 tgoettlichericons clean up
2007-07-06 tgoettlicherNew Icons
2007-07-05 tgoettlicherEnabled Zypp-Plugin to handle Packages
2007-07-02 tgoettlicherfixed opensuseupdater says there is one update, fires...
2007-06-14 tgoettlicherclean up
2007-06-14 tgoettlicherEnabled trayicon and popupwindow to show available...
2007-06-12 tgoettlicher- Added canProvidePackages to UpdaterCapabilities.
2007-06-11 tgoettlicherFixed opensuseupdater detail window uses default icon...
2007-06-08 tgoettlicherMoved list->clear() from main window to plugin for...
2007-06-08 tgoettlicherAdded "show packages" witch (= expert mode) to configur...
2007-06-06 tgoettlicherAdded package functionality to main window, interface...
2007-06-06 tgoettlicherEnabled main window and dummy plugin to communicate...
2007-06-05 tgoettlicherbackup
2007-06-04 tgoettlicherpatches tab has new layout
2007-06-01 tgoettlicherAdded patches and packages tabs to ui.
2007-05-30 tgoettlicherFix install of opensuseupdater-su
2007-05-30 tgoettlicherCustomized config dialog
2007-05-30 tgoettlicherAdded use of KDE ConnectionManager.
2007-05-29 dmacvicar-create rpm package
2007-05-29 dmacvicarfix build
2007-05-29 dmacvicar- Fork KDE3 support, because it is broken upstream.
2007-05-23 tgoettlichermoved network availibility check from zyppupdater to...
2007-05-22 tgoettlicherFix doesn't refresh (to no updated needed) after update...
2007-05-22 tgoettlicherinitial check-in
2007-05-21 tgoettlicher- new feature added: bug #66860 "Don't start update...
2007-05-18 tgoettlicher- button logic for backends that use QListView with...
2007-05-15 tgoettlicherbutton logic rewritten for use of different backend...
2007-05-14 tgoettlicherEnable/disable Buttons when plugin capabilites are...
2007-05-14 tgoettlicherProvide dummy plugin with canSelectIndividualUpdates...
2007-05-11 tgoettlicherFixed application crash when plugin is selected that...
2007-05-10 tgoettlicherbackend plugin can be changed without restart
2007-05-09 tgoettlicherclean-up
2007-05-09 tgoettlicherMinor changes in Config UI
2007-05-09 tgoettlicherRewrite of ConfigWidget with synchronized Combobox...
2007-05-07 tgoettlicherbackup
2007-05-07 tgoettlicherfix wrong include
2007-05-04 tgoettlicherclean-up
2007-05-04 tgoettlicherBackend plugin configuration works
2007-05-03 tgoettlicherbackup
2007-05-03 tgoettlicherbackup
2007-05-02 tgoettlicherEnhancements in plugin configuration
2007-05-02 tgoettlicherCode clean-up. Configuration dialog is working now.
2007-04-27 tgoettlicherAdded first draft of a config dialog for plugin selection.
2007-04-26 tgoettlicherDummy plugin added for testing different backends.
2007-04-26 tgoettlicherRudimentary plugin support: Hard-coded selection of...
2007-04-25 dmacvicarmake plugins work, moc missing
2007-04-25 dmacvicardisable those libraries
2007-04-25 dmacvicarfix indentation
2007-04-25 dmacvicarfix install of a file
2007-04-25 tgoettlicherchanges
2007-04-25 tgoettlicherFirst steps in plugin support
2007-04-20 tgoettlicherfix wait for initial update until (K)NetworkManager...
2007-04-17 tgoettlicherchanges
2007-04-17 tgoettlicheradd "details...." button to update notification (#230121)
2007-04-16 tgoettlicherchanges
2007-04-16 tgoettlicherfix some translations lost/missing (#229225)
2007-04-13 tgoettlicherchanges
2007-04-13 tgoettlicherSmall string change "Check now..." => "Check Now"
2007-04-12 tgoettlicherchanges
2007-04-12 tgoettlicherfix text cut off (#220870)
2007-04-10 dmacvicarMoving from BerliOS branches