added config option for hardware search
[opensuse:kupdateapplet.git] / src / logics.cpp
2008-08-01 tgoettlicheradded config option for hardware search
2008-08-01 tgoettlicheradded support for hardware detection and driver install...
2008-07-31 tgoettlicherprepared for hardware and driver detection
2008-07-28 tgoettlicher fixed keyboard input (bnc #394369)
2008-07-25 tgoettlicheradded network status and improved autocheck
2008-07-24 tgoettlicherlogging enhancements
2008-07-24 tgoettlicherfixed overwritten patch selection
2008-07-24 tgoettlicheradded perfect logging
2008-07-23 tgoettlicherchanged progressbar
2008-07-21 tgoettlichera lot of improvements
2008-06-27 Thomas Goettlicheradded classes for notification of attached hardware
2008-06-15 Thomas Goettlicherminor improvements
2008-06-15 Thomas Goettlicheradded interactive plugin and enabled progress reporting
2008-06-14 Thomas Goettlicherrenamed files
2008-06-14 Thomas Goettlicherbasic functionality works after cleanup
2008-06-14 Thomas Goettlichermore functionaliy again
2008-06-14 Thomas Goettlichermost of rewritten applet working again
2008-06-13 Thomas Goettlicherwork on clean-up
2008-06-13 Thomas Goettlichermore clean-up
2008-06-13 Thomas Goettlichercleaning up logics
2008-06-12 Thomas Goettlicherclean up of logics and view
2008-06-12 Thomas Goettlicherwork on seperation of logics and ui
2008-06-10 Thomas GoettlicherRenaming the application; started clean-up by seperatin...