imporved notifications
[opensuse:kupdateapplet.git] / src / updaterapplication.cpp
2008-08-04 tgoettlicherimporved notifications
2008-08-01 tgoettlicheradded support for hardware detection and driver install...
2008-07-31 tgoettlicherprepared for hardware and driver detection
2008-07-28 tgoettlicher fixed keyboard input (bnc #394369)
2008-07-21 tgoettlichera lot of improvements
2008-06-27 Thomas Goettlicheradded classes for notification of attached hardware
2008-06-25 Thomas Goettlicherwork on notifications
2008-06-24 Thomas Goettlicheradded rudimentary support for notifications
2008-06-15 Thomas Goettlicheradded interactive plugin and enabled progress reporting
2008-06-14 Thomas Goettlicherrenamed files