2012-10-12 Francois Romieur8169: Config1 is read-only on 8168c and later.
2012-10-12 françois romieur8169: runtime resume before shutdown.
2012-10-12 Francois Romieur8169: missing barriers.
2012-10-12 françois romieur8169: fix Config2 MSIEnable bit setting.
2012-10-12 Francois Romieur8169: Rx FIFO overflow fixes.
2012-10-12 hayeswangr8169: increase the delay parameter of pm_schedule_suspend
2012-10-12 Francois Romieur8169: expand received packet length indication.
2012-10-12 Francois Romieur8169: jumbo fixes.
2012-10-12 Francois Romieur8169: remove erroneous processing of always set bit.
2012-10-12 Hayes Wangr8169: don't enable rx when shutdown.
2012-10-12 Hayes Wangr8169: fix wake on lan setting for non-8111E.
2012-10-12 Paul E. McKenneyrcu: Fix day-one dyntick-idle stall-warning bug
2012-10-12 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: force MSIs on RS690 asics
2012-10-12 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: Add MSI quirk for gateway RS690
2012-10-12 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: only adjust default clocks on NI GPUs
2012-10-12 Marko FriedemannALSA: USB: Support for (original) Xbox Communicator
2012-10-12 David HenningssonALSA: usb - disable broken hw volume for Tenx TP6911
2012-10-12 Omair Mohammed... ALSA: aloop - add locking to timer access
2012-10-12 Andrea Arcangelimm: thp: fix pmd_present for split_huge_page and PROT_N...
2012-10-12 Hugh Dickinsmm: fix invalidate_complete_page2() lock ordering
2012-10-12 Mark BrownASoC: wm9712: Fix name of Capture Switch
2012-10-12 Jan Karaext4: fix fdatasync() for files with only i_size changes
2012-10-12 Bernd Schubertext4: always set i_op in ext4_mknod()
2012-10-12 Dmitry Monakhovext4: online defrag is not supported for journaled...
2012-10-12 Yinghai LuPCI: Check P2P bridge for invalid secondary/subordinate...
2012-10-12 Martin PeschkeSCSI: zfcp: only access zfcp_scsi_dev for valid scsi_device
2012-10-12 Steffen MaierSCSI: zfcp: restore refcount check on port_remove
2012-10-12 Julia LawallSCSI: zfcp: remove invalid reference to list iterator...
2012-10-12 Steffen MaierSCSI: zfcp: Do not wakeup while suspended
2012-10-12 Steffen MaierSCSI: zfcp: Make trace record tags unique
2012-10-12 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix TSO CAP for 5704 devs w / ASF enabled
2012-10-12 Ed Cashinaoe: assert AoE packets marked as requiring no checksum
2012-10-12 Ed Cashinnet: do not disable sg for packets requiring no checksum
2012-10-12 Alan Coxnetrom: copy_datagram_iovec can fail
2012-10-12 Eric Dumazetl2tp: fix a typo in l2tp_eth_dev_recv()
2012-10-12 Eric Dumazetipv6: mip6: fix mip6_mh_filter()
2012-10-12 Eric Dumazetipv6: raw: fix icmpv6_filter()
2012-10-12 Eric Dumazetipv4: raw: fix icmp_filter()
2012-10-12 Eric Dumazetnet: guard tcp_set_keepalive() to tcp sockets
2012-10-12 Chema Gonzaleznet: small bug on rxhash calculation
2012-10-12 Xiaodong Xupppoe: drop PPPOX_ZOMBIEs in pppoe_release
2012-10-12 Thomas Grafsctp: Don't charge for data in sndbuf again when transm...
2012-10-12 Michal Kubečektcp: flush DMA queue before sk_wait_data if rcv_wnd...
2012-10-12 Gao fengipv6: release reference of ip6_null_entry's dst entry...
2012-10-12 Antonio Quartulli8021q: fix mac_len recomputation in vlan_untag()
2012-10-12 Lennart Sorensensierra_net: Endianess bug fix.
2012-10-12 Paolo Valentepkt_sched: fix virtual-start-time update in QFQ
2012-10-12 Eric Dumazetnet-sched: sch_cbq: avoid infinite loop
2012-10-12 Nikolay Aleksandrovnetxen: check for root bus in netxen_mask_aer_correctable
2012-10-12 Florian Fainelliixp4xx_hss: fix build failure due to missing linux...
2012-10-12 htbeginnet: ethernet: davinci_cpdma: decrease the desc count...
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: ensure user supplied esn replay window is...
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: don't copy esn replay window twice for new...
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_tmpl()
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_policy()
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_state()
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: fix info leak in copy_to_user_auth()
2012-10-12 Li RongQingxfrm: fix a read lock imbalance in make_blackhole
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: return error pointer instead of NULL #2
2012-10-12 Mathias Krausexfrm_user: return error pointer instead of NULL
2012-10-12 Steffen Klassertxfrm: Workaround incompatibility of ESN and async crypto
2012-10-12 Tejun Heoworkqueue: add missing smp_wmb() in process_one_work()
2012-10-12 Martin Michlmayrdrivers/scsi/atp870u.c: fix bad use of udelay
2012-10-12 Shawn Guokernel/sys.c: call disable_nonboot_cpus() in kernel_res...
2012-10-12 Davidlohr Buesolib/gcd.c: prevent possible div by 0
2012-10-12 Bjorn HelgaasPCI: acpiphp: check whether _ADR evaluation succeeded
2012-10-12 Lin MingACPI: run _OSC after ACPI_FULL_INITIALIZATION
2012-10-12 Ben Hutchingsmedia: rc: ite-cir: Initialise ite_dev::rdev earlier
2012-10-12 Sascha Hauerkbuild: make: fix if_changed when command contains...
2012-10-12 Geert Uytterhoevenmn10300: only add -mmem-funcs to KBUILD_CFLAGS if gcc...
2012-10-07 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.45
2012-10-07 Bart Van AsscheSCSI: scsi_dh_alua: Enable STPG for unavailable ports
2012-10-07 Dan WilliamsSCSI: scsi_remove_target: fix softlockup regression...
2012-10-07 Yinghai LuPCI: honor child buses add_size in hot plug configuration
2012-10-07 Avi Kivityx86/alternatives: Fix p6 nops on non-modular kernels
2012-10-07 Dan Williamsisci: fix isci_pci_probe() generates warning on efi...
2012-10-07 Bart Van AsscheIB/srp: Avoid having aborted requests hang
2012-10-07 Bart Van AsscheIB/srp: Fix use-after-free in srp_reset_req()
2012-10-07 Patrick McHardyIPoIB: Fix use-after-free of multicast object
2012-10-07 Wei Yongjuncan: mscan-mpc5xxx: fix return value check in mpc512x_c...
2012-10-07 Stephen M.... SCSI: hpsa: Use LUN reset instead of target reset
2012-10-07 Benjamin HerrenschmidtSCSI: ibmvscsi: Fix host config length field overflow
2012-10-07 Artem BityutskiyUBI: fix autoresize handling in R/O mode
2012-10-07 Russ Gorbyn_gsm: memory leak in uplink error path
2012-10-07 Michael SpangIncrease XHCI suspend timeout to 16ms
2012-10-07 Denys Vlasenkocoredump: prevent double-free on an error path in core...
2012-10-07 Russ Gorbyn_gsm: added interlocking for gsm_data_lock for certain...
2012-10-07 Sarah Sharpxhci: Intel Panther Point BEI quirk.
2012-10-07 Khalid Azizfirmware: Add missing attributes to EFI variable attrib...
2012-10-07 Larry Fingerb43legacy: Fix crash on unload when firmware not available
2012-10-07 Flavio Leitnerserial: set correct baud_base for EXSYS EX-41092 Dual...
2012-10-07 Linus Walleijserial: pl011: handle corruption at high clock speeds
2012-10-07 Jiri SlabyTTY: ttyprintk, don't touch behind tty->write_buf
2012-10-07 Stanislav KozinaRemove BUG_ON from n_tty_read()
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: fix memory leak for saved channel...
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: don't dereference user memory for...
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: jr3_pci: fix iomem dereference
2012-10-07 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: s626: don't dereference insn->data
2012-10-07 Ben Hutchingsstaging: speakup_soft: Fix reading of init string
2012-10-07 Bjørn MorkUSB: qcaux: add Pantech vendor class match