2013-10-01 Solomon Peachycw1200: Prevent a lock-related hang in the cw1200_spi...
2013-10-01 J. Bruce Fieldsrpc: let xdr layer allocate gssproxy receieve pages
2013-10-01 J. Bruce Fieldsrpc: fix huge kmalloc's in gss-proxy
2013-10-01 J. Bruce Fieldsrpc: comment on linux_cred encoding, treat all as unsigned
2013-10-01 J. Bruce Fieldsrpc: clean up decoding of gssproxy linux creds
2013-10-01 Anatol Pomozovcfq: explicitly use 64bit divide operation for 64bit...
2013-10-01 Bjorn Helgaasbio-integrity: Fix use of bs->bio_integrity_pool after...
2013-10-01 Khalid Azizmm: fix aio performance regression for database caused...
2013-10-01 Konstantin... audit: fix endless wait in audit_log_start()
2013-10-01 Jan Karaudf: Refuse RW mount of the filesystem instead of makin...
2013-10-01 Jan Karaudf: Standardize return values in mount sequence
2013-10-01 Mikulas Patockaskge: fix broken driver
2013-10-01 Christian Königdrm/radeon: avoid UVD corruptions on AGP cards
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fix panel scaling with eDP and LVDS bridges
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/dpm/rs780: don't enable sclk scaling if...
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/dpm: fix fallback for empty UVD clocks
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/dpm: handle bapm on trinity
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/atom: workaround vbios bug in transmitter...
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/r6xx: add a stubbed out set_uvd_clocks callback
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: add some additional berlin pci ids
2013-10-01 Nithin Sujirtg3: Expand led off fix to include 5720
2013-10-01 Nithin Sujirtg3: Don't turn off led on 5719 serdes port 0
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/dpm: make sure dc performance level limits...
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fix handling of variable sized arrays for...
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fix resume on some rs4xx boards (v2)
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: update line buffer allocation for dce6
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: update line buffer allocation for dce4.1/5
2013-10-01 Tom Stellarddrm/radeon/si: Add support for CP DMA to CS checker...
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: add berlin pci ids
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/cik: update gpu_init for an additional berli...
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fix init ordering for r600+
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: update line buffer allocation for dce8
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fill in gpu_init for berlin GPU cores
2013-10-01 Christian Königdrm/radeon: enable UVD interrupts on CIK
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fix endian bugs in hw i2c atom routines
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon/dpm: add reclocking quirk for ASUS K70AF
2013-10-01 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: fix LCD record parsing
2013-10-01 Emil Velikovdrm/nv50/disp: prevent false output detection on the...
2013-10-01 Sergey Senozhatskyradeon kms: fix uninitialised hotplug work usage in...
2013-10-01 Ben Skeggsdrm/ttm: fix the tt_populated check in ttm_tt_destroy()
2013-10-01 Dave Airliedrm/ast: fix the ast open key function
2013-10-01 David Herrmanndrm: fix DRM_IOCTL_MODE_GETFB handle-leak
2013-10-01 Ville Syrjälädrm/i915: Don't enable the cursor on a disable pipe
2013-10-01 Jani Nikuladrm/i915: do not update cursor in crtc mode set
2013-10-01 Daniel Vetterdrm/i915: fix wait_for_pending_flips vs gpu hang deadlock
2013-10-01 Daniel Vetterdrm/i915: fix gpu hang vs. flip stall deadlocks
2013-10-01 Daniel Vetterdrm/i915: fix hpd work vs. flush_work in the pageflip...
2013-10-01 Jani Nikuladrm/i915: try not to lose backlight CBLV precision
2013-10-01 Alan Sternusb: gadget: fix a bug and a WARN_ON in dummy-hcd
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: logitech-dj: validate output report details
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: lenovo-tpkbd: validate output report details
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: sony: validate HID output report details
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: steelseries: validate output report details
2013-10-01 Benjamin TissoiresHID: lenovo-tpkbd: fix leak if tpkbd_probe_tp fails
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: zeroplus: validate output report details
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: LG: validate HID output report details
2013-10-01 Benjamin TissoiresHID: multitouch: validate indexes details
2013-10-01 Benjamin TissoiresHID: validate feature and input report details
2013-10-01 Kees CookHID: provide a helper for validating hid reports
2013-10-01 Daisuke Nishimurasched/fair: Fix small race where child->se.parent,cfs_r...
2013-10-01 Stanislaw Gruszkasched/cputime: Do not scale when utime == 0
2013-10-01 John Stultztimekeeping: Fix HRTICK related deadlock from ntp lock...
2013-10-01 Stanislaw Gruszkart2800: fix wrong TX power compensation
2013-10-01 Stanislaw Gruszkart2800: change initialization sequence to fix system...
2013-10-01 Rafał Miłeckibgmac: fix internal switch initialization
2013-10-01 Miklos Szeredicifs: fix filp leak in cifs_atomic_open()
2013-10-01 Fabio Porceddanet: usb: cdc_ether: Use wwan interface for Telit modules
2013-10-01 Tony LindgrenARM: OMAP4: Fix clock_get error for GPMC during boot
2013-10-01 Rafael J. WysockiPCI / ACPI / PM: Clear pme_poll for devices in D3cold...
2013-09-27 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.11.2
2013-09-27 Miklos Szeredifuse: readdir: check for slash in names
2013-09-27 Maxim Patlasovfuse: hotfix truncate_pagecache() issue
2013-09-27 Anand Avatifuse: invalidate inode attributes on xattr modification
2013-09-27 Maxim Patlasovfuse: postpone end_page_writeback() in fuse_writepage_l...
2013-09-27 Mark Brownclk: wm831x: Initialise wm831x pointer on init
2013-09-27 Brian Norrismtd: nand: fix NAND_BUSWIDTH_AUTO for x16 devices
2013-09-27 Grant Likelyof: Fix missing memory initialization on FDT unflattening
2013-09-27 Sergei Shtylyovmmc: tmio_mmc_dma: fix PIO fallback on SDHI
2013-09-27 Josh Durginrbd: fix I/O error propagation for reads
2013-09-27 majianpengceph: Don't forget the 'up_read(&osdc->map_sem)' if...
2013-09-27 Sage Weillibceph: use pg_num_mask instead of pgp_num_mask for...
2013-09-27 majianpenglibceph: unregister request in __map_request failed...
2013-09-27 Richard Weinbergerum: Implement probe_kernel_read()
2013-09-27 Alex Deucherdrm/edid: add quirk for Medion MD30217PG
2013-09-27 Borislav Petkovamd64_edac: Fix single-channel setups
2013-09-27 Jan Karaisofs: Refuse RW mount of the filesystem instead of...
2013-09-27 Eric W. Biedermanproc: Restrict mounting the proc filesystem
2013-09-27 Libinmm/huge_memory.c: fix potential NULL pointer dereference
2013-09-27 Greg Thelenmemcg: fix multiple large threshold notifications
2013-09-27 Jie Liuocfs2: fix the end cluster offset of FIEMAP
2013-09-27 Oleg Nesterovpidns: fix vfork() after unshare(CLONE_NEWPID)
2013-09-27 Eric W. Biedermanpidns: Fix hang in zap_pid_ns_processes by sending...
2013-09-27 Alex Williamsonintel-iommu: Fix leaks in pagetable freeing
2013-09-27 Gera Kazakovtarget: Fix >= v3.9+ regression in PR APTPL + ALUA...
2013-09-27 Felix FietkauMIPS: ath79: Fix ar933x watchdog clock
2013-09-27 Mark Brownleds: wm831x-status: Request a REG resource
2013-09-27 Oleg Nesterovuprobes: Fix utask->depth accounting in handle_trampoline()
2013-09-27 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: don't allow the replace procedure on read only...
2013-09-27 Bjørn Morkmedia: siano: fix divide error on 0 counters
2013-09-27 Mauro Carvalho... media: mb86a20s: Fix TS parallel mode