2010-05-02 Thomas Gleixnerv2.6.33.3-rt19
2010-05-02 Thomas Gleixnersched: Warn on rt throttling
2010-05-02 Carsten Emdeinit: Fix config items in debug reminder finally
2010-05-02 Thomas Gleixnerv2.6.33.3-rt18
2010-05-02 Thomas Gleixnertclib: Default to tclib timer for RT
2010-05-02 Benedikt SprangerAtmel TCLIB: Allow higher clock rates for clock events
2010-05-02 Benedikt SprangerAT91: PIT: Remove irq handler when clock event is unused
2010-05-02 Thomas Gleixnerfs: Prevent dput race
2010-04-30 Thomas Gleixnerv2.6.33.3-rt17
2010-04-30 John Kacurrt: Fix the reminder block accounting for CONFIG_FUNCTI...
2010-04-30 Thomas Gleixnerfs: Use s_inodes not s_files for inode lists
2010-04-29 John Stultzfs: Fix namespace related hangs
2010-04-29 John Stultzxfs: Make i_count access non-atomic
2010-04-28 Thomas Gleixnerfs: Fix d_count fallout
2010-04-28 John Stultzfs: namespace: Fix MNT_MOUNTED handling for cloned...
2010-04-28 Thomas Gleixnerfs: namespace: Make put_mnt_ns rt aware
2010-04-28 John Stultzfs: namespace: Fix potential deadlock
2010-04-28 John Kacurrt: Remove irrelevant CONFIGS from reminder block.
2010-04-28 Mel Gormanhugetlb: fix infinite loop in get_futex_key() when...
2010-04-27 Thomas Gleixnerv2.6.33.3-rt16
2010-04-27 John StultzFixup some compilation warnings and errors
2010-04-27 tytso@mit.eduRemove j_state_lock usage in jbd2_journal_stop()
2010-04-27 John StultzRevert Nick's fs-scale-pseudo
2010-04-27 John StultzCall synchronize_rcpu in unregister_filesystem
2010-04-27 John StultzMake sure MNT_MOUNTED isn't cleared on remount
2010-04-27 John StultzRevert d_count back to an atomic_t
2010-04-27 John StultzFixup get_cpu_var holds over spinlock() calls.
2010-04-27 John StultzFix inc/dec_mnt_count for -rt
2010-04-27 John StultzFix vfsmount_read_lock to work with -rt
2010-04-27 John StultzFixup rt hack for mnt_want_write
2010-04-27 John StultzFix MNT_MOUNTED WARN_ON
2010-04-27 Nick PigginFixups from 09102009.patch.gz
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-fixes
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode-hash-rcu
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-sb-inodes-percpu
2010-04-27 Eric Dumazetfs-nr_inodes-percpu
2010-04-27 Eric Dumazetfs-last_ino-percpu
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode-nr_inodes
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-scale-pseudo
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-11
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_rcu
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-10
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-9
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-8
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-7
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-6c
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-6b
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-5
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-6
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-4
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-3
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale-2
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-inode_lock-scale
2010-04-27 Nick Piggindcache-percpu-nr_dentry
2010-04-27 Nick Piggindcache-split-inode_lock
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-d_delete-less-lock
2010-04-27 Nick Piggindcache-chain-hashlock
2010-04-27 Nick Piggindcache-dput-less-dcache_lock
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache_lock-remove
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache_lock-multi-step
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-i_dentry
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-d_subdirs
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-d_unhashed
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-d_count
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-nr_dentry
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-d_lru
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-dcache-scale-d_hash
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-mntget-scale
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-vfsmount_lock-scale
2010-04-27 John Stultzfs-files_lock-scale
2010-04-27 John Stultzfs-files_list-improve
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginnfs-use-__iget
2010-04-27 Nick Pigginfs-remount-coherency
2010-04-27 Thomas Gleixnerv2.6.33.3-rt15
2010-04-27 Xianghua Xiaonet: gianfar: More RT fixups
2010-04-27 Kevin Haortmutex: Preserve TASK_STOPPED state when blocking...
2010-04-27 Kevin Haopowerpc: Replace kmap_atomic with kmap in pte_offset_map
2010-04-27 Thomas Gleixnerv2.6.33.3-rt14
2010-04-27 Thomas GleixnerMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-27 Thomas Gleixnernet: Fix iptables get_counters()
2010-04-26 Greg Kroah... Linux
2010-04-26 Neil Hormanr8169: clean up my printk uglyness
2010-04-26 Joerg Roedelx86/gart: Disable GART explicitly before initialization
2010-04-26 Jan KiszkaKVM: x86: Fix TSS size check for 16-bit tasks
2010-04-26 Sridhar SamudralaKVM: Increase NR_IOBUS_DEVS limit to 200
2010-04-26 Takuya YoshikawaKVM: fix the handling of dirty bitmaps to avoid overflows
2010-04-26 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: fix kvm_mmu_zap_page() and its calling path
2010-04-26 Avi KivityKVM: VMX: Save/restore rflags.vm correctly in real...
2010-04-26 Andre PrzywaraKVM: allow bit 10 to be cleared in MSR_IA32_MC4_CTL
2010-04-26 Avi KivityKVM: Don't spam kernel log when injecting exceptions...
2010-04-26 Takuya YoshikawaKVM: SVM: Fix memory leaks that happen when svm_create_...
2010-04-26 Jan KiszkaKVM: VMX: Update instruction length on intercepted BP
2010-04-26 KOSAKI Motohirosched: Use proper type in sched_getaffinity()
2010-04-26 Eric Sandeenext4: fix async i/o writes beyond 4GB to a sparse file
2010-04-26 Adam Lackorzynskipowerpc: Fix SMP build with disabled CPU hotplugging.
2010-04-26 NeilBrownmd: deal with merge_bvec_fn in component devices better.
2010-04-26 Mathieu Desnoyersmodule: fix __module_ref_addr()
2010-04-26 Mathieu Desnoyerslockdep: fix incorrect percpu usage
2010-04-26 Mathieu Desnoyersmodules: fix incorrect percpu usage
2010-04-26 Alexey StarikovskiyACPI: EC: Limit burst to 64 bits