Update config files: CONFIG_HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH=y
[opensuse:kernel-source.git] / config / armv7hl / exynos
2014-04-01 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: CONFIG_HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH=y
2014-03-31 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.14.
2014-03-25 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.14-rc8.
2014-03-17 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.14-rc7.
2014-03-17 Takashi IwaiEnable CONFIG_IRDA_FAST_RR=y (bnc#860502)
2014-03-14 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: Drop all Geode-related drivers
2014-03-14 Jean DelvareUpdate arm and ppc config files: Drop OLPC-related...
2014-03-12 Guillaume GARDETARM: Re-enable and update configs
2014-03-09 Guillaume GARDETconfig: Update armv7/exynos
2014-03-07 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-02-28 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: modularize BLK_DEV_MD, disable...
2014-02-28 Jean DelvareUpdate config files.
2014-02-28 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: CONFIG_ISO9660_FS=m
2014-02-25 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y
2014-02-25 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2014-02-25 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2014-02-24 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-02-14 Jiri Slaby- Linux 3.13.3 (bnc#799216).
2014-02-14 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: Disable TS5500-specific drivers
2014-02-12 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-02-11 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2014-02-11 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-02-10 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-31 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-30 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-30 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-21 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.13.
2014-01-14 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-14 Michal HockoUpdate config files.
2014-01-13 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.13-rc8.
2014-01-10 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-09 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-09 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2014-01-09 Jean DelvareDisable CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD (bnc#857673)
2014-01-08 Jan Beulich- Update Xen patches to 3.13-rc7 and c/s 1245.
2014-01-06 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.13-rc7.
2014-01-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2014-01-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2014-01-02 Alexander GrafARM: Reenable and update configs
2013-12-08 Jean DelvareMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/scripts'
2013-12-04 Jeff Mahoneyconfig: enable CONFIG_EXPERT
2013-11-20 Jiri SlabyUpdate config files (fate#315172).
2013-11-12 Jean Delvarearmv6hl, armv7hl: Update config files.
2013-11-08 Jean DelvareUpdate config files:
2013-11-04 Jeff MahoneyUpdate config files.
2013-10-28 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.12-rc7.
2013-10-21 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.12-rc6.
2013-10-16 Jan Beulich- Update Xen patches to 3.12-rc5.
2013-10-11 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.12-rc4.
2013-10-04 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-10-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2013-10-01 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.12-rc3.
2013-09-30 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-09-30 Michal MarekDo not build udlfb, to avoid conflict with udl (fate...
2013-09-30 Michal MarekDisable fb drivers that have been blacklisted for a...
2013-09-27 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-09-26 Jean Delvare- Build gpio-ucb1400 as a module
2013-09-25 Alexander GrafARM: Update config files: Use lpae for multiarch, exyno...
2013-09-25 Alexander Graf- config.conf:
2013-09-17 Jeff MahoneyMerge branch 'scripts' of kerncvs.suse.de:/home/git...
2013-09-17 Jeff MahoneyMerge branch 'scripts'
2013-09-17 Jeff MahoneyMerge branch 'scripts'
2013-09-17 Jeff Mahoneyconfig: Update missing ZSWAP configs.
2013-09-03 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.11-final.
2013-08-27 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.11-rc7.
2013-08-15 Jan Beulich- Update Xen patches to 3.11-rc5.
2013-08-13 Dirk MuellerReenable ARMv6/ARMv7 configs
2013-08-07 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-08-05 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-07-15 Jeff Mahoneyconfig: revert NO_HZ_FULL=y to NO_HZ_IDLE=y (bnc#826946)
2013-07-06 Alexander GrafARM: Enable xen for lpae target
2013-07-01 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.10-final.
2013-07-01 Jeff MahoneyMerge branch 'scripts'
2013-06-26 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.10-rc7.
2013-06-17 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.10-rc6.
2013-06-10 Dirk MuellerUpdate and reenable armv7hl configs
2013-05-20 Jiri SlabyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/scripts'
2013-05-17 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-05-14 Jean DelvareChange CONFIG_OF_MDIO from y to m as needed
2013-05-14 Jean DelvareUpdate config files : build PHYLIB as a module.
2013-05-12 Jiri SlabyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/scripts'
2013-05-08 Jiri SlabyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/scripts'
2013-05-07 Michal MarekMerge branch 'master' of kerncvs.suse.de:/home/git...
2013-05-05 Jean DelvareUpdate config files: enable CC_STACKPROTECTOR
2013-05-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-05-02 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-05-02 Tomáš ČechEnable FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_ROTATION in our kernels
2013-04-30 Jiri SlabyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/scripts'
2013-04-29 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.9-final.
2013-04-24 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.9-rc8.
2013-04-09 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.9-rc6.
2013-04-08 Alexander GrafARM: Exynos: Update config files: Use DRM instead of FB
2013-04-05 Jan Beulich- Update Xen patches to 3.9-rc5.
2013-04-05 Jean Delvare- Update config files: enable ViperBoard drivers
2013-04-03 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.9-rc5.
2013-03-28 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-03-25 Jeff MahoneyUpdated to 3.9-rc4.
2013-03-21 Alexander Graf- ARM: FEC: Fix module compilation.
2013-03-14 Jeff Mahoneysupported-flag: clean up patches and merge into one
2013-03-05 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'