+- update to current status:
[opensuse:kernel-source.git] / kernel-source-26.changes
2003-12-07 Olaf Hering+- update to current status:
2003-12-07 Andreas Gruenbacher- patches.suse/sunrpc-enosys-when-unavail: Return ...
2003-12-07 Andreas Gruenbacher- Update i386 and x86_64 configs for qla2xxx driver...
2003-12-06 Andreas Gruenbacher- The uname replacement in Autobuild also breaks with the
2003-12-06 Andreas SchwabUpdate qla2xxx driver to 8.00.00b8.
2003-12-06 Andreas SchwabUpdate qla2xxx driver to 8.00.00b7.
2003-12-06 Andreas Gruenbacher- Fail if default configurations have missing symbols...
2003-12-04 Bernhard Kaindladd patches.arch/s390-suse-bk-cpint_cpcmd.diff for...
2003-12-04 Olaf Hering+- update patches.fixes/linux-2.6.0-test11-bk-latest
2003-12-03 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/linux-2.6.0-test11-bk-latest
2003-12-02 Andreas SchwabAdd qla2xxx drivers.
2003-12-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- Enable nfsacl in config files.
2003-12-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- A fix in the xdr array encoding code (nfsacl).
2003-12-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- Less complicated versions of xdr_{encode,decode}_word...
2003-12-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- patches.suse/reiserfs-acl-fix: Need to set the MS_POS...
2003-12-02 Hannes ReineckeS/390: Made definition of atomic_t visible from userspace.
2003-12-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- Update version of ACPI DSDT patch (by Thomas Renninger
2003-12-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- Enable nfsacl port from 2.4. Still needs a number...
2003-12-02 Hannes ReineckeUsing G5 as default configuration for s390.
2003-12-02 Hannes Reinecke- Added patches.arch/s390-compat_wrapper
2003-12-01 Olaf Hering+- add missing CMD_LINE_SIZE to asm-ppc/bootinfo.h
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/suse.ppc32.boot.ldscript.__kcrctab
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/suse.ppc32.601cpu.exception
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/suse.ppc32.pmac.no_i8042.patch
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/suse.ppc32.boot.zlib.debug
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- update patches.arch/ppc64.patch
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- rename patches.arch/ppc32.patch to ppc32.lxppc.patch
2003-11-30 Olaf Hering+- update patches.arch/ppc64.patch
2003-11-28 Hannes ReineckeAdded new configuration options for S/390.
2003-11-28 Hannes ReineckeUpdate configuration files for S/390.
2003-11-28 Andreas SchwabDisable CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO.
2003-11-28 Kurt GarloffMake setfont work on 2.6 by porting unimap_set.
2003-11-28 Olaf Kirch- ported over nfs-d_drop-lowmem, nfs-min-blocksize...
2003-11-28 Kurt GarloffAdd Jens fix for rdtscll var name clash on x86-64 that...
2003-11-28 Olaf Hering+- update patches.arch/ppc64.patch
2003-11-27 Andreas Gruenbacher- Update spec file: add scripts/config_subst.sh. Remove...
2003-11-27 Olaf Hering+- patches.arch/ppc64.patch
2003-11-27 Andreas Schwab- Readd bootmem sorting for discontigmem.
2003-11-27 Andreas Gruenbacher- Add hotfix for Reiserfs+RPM problem: We need a workin...
2003-11-27 Hannes Reinecke- Added patches from IBM which won't make it for 2...
2003-11-27 Stefan Fentadd aacraid module to config for AMD64
2003-11-27 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test11
2003-11-26 Olaf Hering+- update patches.suse/early_userspace-instead-of-linuxrc
2003-11-26 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/suse-ppc64-chrp-console-cmdline
2003-11-26 Gerd Hoffmann- added amd64 32bit signal handling fix (from ak).
2003-11-25 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/suse-ppc64-chrp-root-sda3
2003-11-25 Olaf Hering+- Fix error return on concurrent fork() with threaded...
2003-11-25 Andreas SchwabUpdate scsi-changer patch.
2003-11-25 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test10-bk1-
2003-11-24 Olaf Hering+- umount sysfs before calling name_to_dev_t()
2003-11-24 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test10
2003-11-23 Olaf Hering+- add patches.suse/early_userspace-instead-of-linuxrc
2003-11-21 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test9-bk25
2003-11-20 Olaf Hering+- update ppc64.patch to fix compilation
2003-11-20 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test9-bk24
2003-11-19 Andreas Gruenbacher- The patches.fixes/permission fix is incomplete and...
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- add patches.arch/ppc64.ppc32.compat.syscalls
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- update patches.arch/ppc64.as.no_power4
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- update patches.arch/ppc64.patch
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test9-bk23+
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/gencpio.offset
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- add patches.arch/ppc32.syscall6
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- add patches.arch/ppc64.as.no_power4
2003-11-18 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test9-bk22, update config, arch...
2003-11-14 Stefan Reinaueradd bootsplash patch for 2.6.0-test9 (3.1.3)
2003-11-14 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 config.
2003-11-14 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 support.
2003-11-14 Andreas SchwabFix reiserfs xattr and acl patches.
2003-11-13 Andreas SchwabRemove blkdev_get_block-partial, it doesn't properly...
2003-11-13 Andreas Gruenbacher- #33097: patches.common/xattr-pointer-arith fixes...
2003-11-13 Gerd Hoffmann- updated i386 + amd64 configs.
2003-11-13 Andreas Gruenbacher- Merge reiserfs xattr and acl patches from jeffm@suse...
2003-11-11 Andreas KleenMerge to x86_64-2.6.0test9-5
2003-11-10 Andreas SchwabFix rounding error for blkdev reads [#31902].
2003-11-10 Andreas SchwabReenable serial console patch.
2003-11-07 Hannes Reineckepatches.suse/kerntypes: Fixed #define.
2003-10-31 Hannes Reinecke- Update configurate for S/390
2003-10-30 Gerd Hoffmann- make uml recognise console= cmd line args.
2003-10-30 Gerd Hoffmann- fix uml disk names.
2003-10-28 Andreas Gruenbacher- patches.fixes/permission: Make permission() functions and
2003-10-27 Gerd Hoffmannfixup UML fixaddr stuff.
2003-10-27 Gerd Hoffmannupdated UML.
2003-10-26 Andreas Kleen- Add x86-64-2.6.0test9-1 patchkit
2003-10-26 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 support.
2003-10-26 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test9
2003-10-23 Gerd Hoffmannone more uml fix.
2003-10-23 Olaf Kirch- Fix miscompilation of ip_send_check in ip_fragment...
2003-10-23 Gerd Hoffmann- UML build fixes.
2003-10-22 Gerd Hoffmannupdated uml patches.
2003-10-21 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/ppc32-pmac_zilog-consoleinit
2003-10-21 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/root_dev-partition3
2003-10-20 Andreas KleenFix warning added by ppc64 patches
2003-10-20 Andreas SchwabFix numa init error.
2003-10-20 Andreas Schwab- Update ia64 patches and configs.
2003-10-20 Gerd Hoffmann- updated i386 configs.
2003-10-20 Gerd Hoffmann- updated x86_64 configs.
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.arch/suse-ppc32-chrp-rootdevice
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/ppc32-macfloppy-swim3-float
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/ppc32-macfloppy-swim3
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/usb-serial-whiteheat-CMSPAR