+- add patches.arch/suse-ppc32-chrp-rootdevice
[opensuse:kernel-source.git] / kernel-source-26.changes
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.arch/suse-ppc32-chrp-rootdevice
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/ppc32-macfloppy-swim3-float
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/ppc32-macfloppy-swim3
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/usb-serial-whiteheat-CMSPAR
2003-10-20 Olaf Hering+- update to 2.6.0-test8
2003-10-17 Andreas Schwab- Update to latest ia64 updates.
2003-10-16 Andreas KleenReenable early printk support for i386
2003-10-15 Andreas Schwab- Update to latest ia64 patches.
2003-10-15 Hannes ReineckeS/390 update: fixes and default configuration.
2003-10-14 Andreas Schwab- Translate LF to CRLF instead of LFCR on serial console.
2003-10-11 Andreas SchwabFix more missing EXPORT_SYMBOLs.
2003-10-10 Andreas SchwabAdd missing EXPORT_SYMBOL.
2003-10-10 Olaf Hering+- add patches.arch/ppc64.patch and a pseries config
2003-10-10 Andreas SchwabAdd futex fix.
2003-10-09 Gerd Hoffmann- char/sc driver buildfix.
2003-10-09 Andreas SchwabFix bug in genksyms parser.
2003-10-09 Andreas KleenRemove more obsolete files
2003-10-09 Andreas Kleen- remove obsolete file
2003-10-09 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to -test7
2003-10-07 Andreas SchwabMake ia64 default to SMP and remove smp configuration.
2003-10-06 Andreas SchwabFix invalid pointer in megaraid driver.
2003-10-01 Andreas Schwab- Apply tiocgdev patch.
2003-10-01 Andreas SchwabAdapt ia64 patch.
2003-09-29 Gerd Hoffmann- Updated configs (ppc,i386,amd64).
2003-09-29 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 configs.
2003-09-29 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to kernel 2.6.0-test6
2003-09-19 Gerd Hoffmannamd64 smp fix
2003-09-19 Gerd Hoffmannmisc build fixes.
2003-09-16 Gerd Hoffmannupdated uml patch.
2003-09-12 Andreas Schwab- Reenable ia64 patch.
2003-09-10 Gerd Hoffmann- configuration updates.
2003-09-10 Gerd Hoffmann- updated scsi changer patch.
2003-09-09 Gerd Hoffmann- commented ia64 patch, breaks i386 build.
2003-09-09 Gerd Hoffmannupdated spec file.
2003-09-09 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to 2.6.0-test5.
2003-09-03 Andreas SchwabAvoid repeating version.
2003-09-03 Andreas SchwabFix missing patches.
2003-09-03 Andreas Schwab- Update ia64 patch to 2.6.0-test4-ia64-030826.
2003-09-03 Andreas SchwabReadd non-obsolete fix.
2003-09-02 Andreas Gruenbacher- patches.suse/acpi-dsdt-from-initrd: Overwrite the...
2003-09-01 Olaf Hering+- add patches.fixes/proc_bus_usb_bielefeld
2003-08-28 Gerd Hoffmannupdated configs (ia64, uml).
2003-08-27 Gerd Hoffmannupdated ia64 configs.
2003-08-27 Gerd Hoffmannuml networking fixes.
2003-08-26 Gerd Hoffmannupdated config files.
2003-08-26 Gerd Hoffmannmore uml fixes.
2003-08-25 Gerd Hoffmannuml fixes.
2003-08-25 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to 2.6.0-test4.
2003-08-22 Gerd Hoffmann- updated uml patches.
2003-08-18 Andreas Schwab- Fix ia64_ksyms.c.
2003-08-18 Andreas Schwab- Update ia64 patch to 2.6.0-test3-ia64-030815.
2003-08-15 Gerd Hoffmannset CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y
2003-08-13 Gerd Hoffmann- disabled CONFIG_PARIDE (doesn't build)
2003-08-11 Gerd Hoffmannuml build fix
2003-08-11 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to -test3.
2003-08-07 Gerd Hoffmann- updated ia64 configs
2003-08-06 Gerd Hoffmann- updated ppc configs
2003-08-06 Gerd Hoffmannupdate i386 configs
2003-08-06 Gerd Hoffmannadd -fno-unit-at-a-time to cflags
2003-08-05 Gerd Hoffmann- uml fixups, added ia32 uml config
2003-08-05 Gerd Hoffmannupdate amd64 configs
2003-08-04 Gerd Hoffmann- update to 2.6.0-test2
2003-07-25 Gerd Hoffmann- *really* added s390 build fix (no cross compile any...
2003-07-25 Gerd Hoffmann- added uli's s390 fix to cvs.
2003-07-24 Gerd Hoffmannrm global -g from ia64 arch patch.
2003-07-15 Gerd Hoffmann- fix vesafb
2003-07-14 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 config files.
2003-07-14 Gerd Hoffmann- updated amd64 config files
2003-07-14 Gerd Hoffmann- updated media changer patch
2003-07-14 Andreas Schwab- Update ia64 patch to 2.5.75-ia64-030712 (with some...
2003-07-14 Gerd Hoffmann- added ppc build fix
2003-07-14 Gerd Hoffmann- updated configurations for i386/ia64/amd64
2003-07-14 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to 2.6.0-test1
2003-07-02 Andreas Schwab- Fix xfs build.
2003-07-02 Gerd Hoffmannppc smp build fix
2003-07-02 Gerd Hoffmannupdate changes file
2003-07-01 Andreas SchwabAdd latest ia64 patches.
2003-07-01 Gerd Hoffmann- updated to 2.5.73
2003-06-20 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 patch to 2.5.72-030619
2003-06-18 Andreas Kleen- add early_printk for i386
2003-06-12 Andreas SchwabUpdate ia64 patch to 2.5.69-030521, throwing away the...
2003-05-28 Gerd Hoffmann2.5.70 update
2003-05-14 Andreas Schwab- Separate out show_stack changes into own patch.
2003-05-14 Andreas SchwabFix uses of head and tail.
2003-05-09 Gerd Hoffmannvery first 2.5.x suse kernel :)