config: disabled CONFIG_SPI and CONFIG_IIO on non-ARM architectures
[opensuse:kernel-source.git] / patches.suse /
2013-03-12 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Do not request completion notific...
2013-03-05 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-03-04 Takashi IwaiRefresh patches.suse/SUSE-bootsplash-mgadrmfb-workaround.
2013-03-01 Takashi IwaiFix broken VT1 output with mgadrmfb (bnc#806990).
2013-02-28 Jiri Slaby- Linux 3.8.1.
2013-02-28 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2013-02-25 Jiri SlabyMerge branch 'scripts'
2013-02-21 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Execute hot-add code in a separat...
2013-02-21 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Execute balloon inflation in...
2013-02-21 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: vmbus: Handle channel rescind message...
2013-02-20 Jiri SlabyMerge commit 'origin/scripts'
2013-02-17 Olaf Hering- video: Add Hyper-V Synthetic Video Frame Buffer Driver
2013-02-11 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Prevent the host from ballooning the
2013-02-11 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Add a parameter to delay pressure
2013-02-11 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Make adjustments to the pressure...
2013-02-06 Olaf Hering- Drivers: hv: Bind all vmbus interrupts to the boot CPU
2013-02-05 Olaf Hering- X86: Handle Hyper-V vmbus interrupts as special hyper...
2013-02-05 Olaf HeringX86: Add a check to catch Xen emulation of Hyper-V
2013-01-30 Olaf Heringscsi: storvsc: avoid usage of WRITE_SAME.
2013-01-30 Olaf HeringDrivers: scsi: storvsc: Initialize the sglist.
2013-01-30 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: Execute shutdown in a thread context.
2013-01-30 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.8-rc5.
2013-01-28 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Make adjustments to the pressure...
2013-01-15 Olaf Heringhyperv: force vmbus interrupts to cpu 0.
2013-01-15 Olaf Heringx86: Hyper-V: register clocksource only if its advertised
2013-01-07 Olaf Heringforce ws2008 during vmbus negotiation.
2013-01-03 Jeff MahoneyUpdated to 3.8-rc1.
2012-12-11 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: balloon: Fix a memory leak.
2012-12-11 Olaf Hering- Update patch headers for fate314663 and fate314665...
2012-12-11 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-12-06 Olaf Heringfate#314663 hyper-v memory ballooning support
2012-12-05 Jeff MahoneyMerge branch 'scripts' of
2012-12-04 Olaf Heringadd splash=black option to bootsplash code,
2012-11-27 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-11-23 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2012-10-30 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2012-10-25 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-10-23 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-10-22 Jeff MahoneyActually use kthread_run in crasher.ko.
2012-10-22 Jeff Mahoneycrasher: use kthread_run() instead of kernel_thread().
2012-10-22 Jeff MahoneyUpdated to 3.7-rc2.
2012-10-22 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.7-rc1.
2012-10-18 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2012-10-17 Michal MarekMerge branch 'packaging'
2012-10-10 Jiri Slaby- Delete
2012-10-04 Olaf HeringHyper-V KVP IP injection (fate#31441)
2012-10-03 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlayfs: copy up i_uid/i_gid from the underlying...
2012-09-28 Miklos Szerediovl: switch to __inode_permission().
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredivfs: export __inode_permission() to modules.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlayfs: create new inode in ovl_link.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlayfs: fix possible leak in ovl_new_inode.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredifs: limit filesystem stacking depth.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlay: overlay filesystem documentation.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlayfs: implement show_options.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlayfs: add statfs support.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredioverlay filesystem.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredivfs: introduce clone_private_mount().
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredivfs: export do_splice_direct() to modules.
2012-09-28 Miklos Szeredivfs: add i_op->dentry_open().
2012-09-26 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-09-25 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-09-17 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.6-rc6.
2012-09-10 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.6-rc5.
2012-09-07 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-09-06 Olaf HeringRefresh
2012-09-06 Olaf Heringidentify Virtual PC guests in ata_piix (bnc#737532).
2012-09-06 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-08-17 Jeff MahoneyUpdated and re-enabled DMRAID45.
2012-08-17 Jeff MahoneyUpdated and re-enabled richacl support.
2012-08-17 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.6-rc1.
2012-08-09 Michal MarekDelete patches.suse/s390-Kerntypes.diff until we get...
2012-08-01 Jan BeulichRefresh patches.suse/stack-unwind (to work with older...
2012-07-30 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: Cleanup the guest ID computation.
2012-07-30 Olaf Heringhyperv: Add a check for ring_size value.
2012-07-30 Olaf Heringhyperv: Add error handling to rndis_filter_device_add().
2012-07-30 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: Change the hex constant to a decimal constant.
2012-07-30 Olaf Heringhyperv: Add support for setting MAC from within guests.
2012-07-27 Takashi IwaiRefresh patches.suse/SUSE-bootsplash.
2012-07-26 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'
2012-07-26 David Sterbabtrfs: allow cross-subvolume file clone (bnc#698540).
2012-07-26 David Sterbabtrfs: use correct device for maps (bnc#672923 bnc...
2012-07-24 Jeff MahoneyUpdate to 3.5-final.
2012-07-23 Jan Beulichpatches.suse/no-frame-pointer-select: Update mainline...
2012-07-18 Olaf HeringDelete patches.suse/led_classdev.sysfs-name.patch.
2012-07-07 Michal MarekMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-04 Thomas Renninger- Delete patches.arch/acpi_fix_fadt_32_bit_zero_length...
2012-06-18 Jeff Mahoney- Update to 3.5-rc2.
2012-06-05 Olaf Heringusb/net: rndis: merge command codes.
2012-06-05 Olaf Heringusb/net: rndis: remove ambigous status codes.
2012-06-05 Olaf Heringusb/net: rndis: break out <linux/rndis.h> defines.
2012-06-05 Olaf Heringnet/hyperv: Add flow control based on hi/low watermark.
2012-06-05 Olaf Heringhv: fix return type of hv_post_message().
2012-06-05 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: util: Properly handle version negotiations.
2012-06-05 Olaf HeringDrivers: hv: Get rid of an unnecessary check in vmbus_p...
2012-06-05 Olaf HeringHID: hyperv: Set the hid drvdata correctly.
2012-06-05 Olaf HeringHID: hid-hyperv: Do not use hid_parse_report() directly.
2012-06-04 Olaf Hering- [SCSI] storvsc: Properly handle errors from the host
2012-05-31 Olaf Heringreplace our version of this patch with upstream variant:
2012-05-28 Michal MarekMerge branch 'scripts'