2008-02-04 Lubos LunakPrevent Kicker/KDesktop from starting in KDE4.
2008-02-04 Stephan Binneradd files to have kmix autostarted by default
2008-01-30 Stephan Binnershe-bang
2008-01-30 Stephan Binnerdon't show (on first login)
2008-01-30 Stephan Binnerdon't depend on icons of kdebase3-SuSE / KDE3
2008-01-30 Stephan Binnercheck if default apps are installed before creating...
2008-01-30 Stephan Binneradd default desktop icons
2008-01-30 Stephan Binnerimport port of the greeter to have something in the...
2008-01-29 Stephan Binnercreate new module for kdebase4-SuSE package