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[opensuse:kdebase4-opensuse.git] / totranslate /
2010-09-30 Luboš Luňákslightly update the translations howto
2010-05-13 Luboš Luňáktranslation update
2010-04-23 Luboš Luňákmore 112->113
2010-04-14 Luboš LuňákI forgot kaffeine
2010-04-13 Luboš Luňákupdate translations for 11.3
2010-04-13 Luboš Luňákfix and update for 11.3
2009-08-17 Luboš Luňákthe randr12.diff patch shouldn't have been removed...
2009-08-17 Luboš Luňákpackage list update
2009-08-17 Luboš Luňákand error test
2009-08-17 Luboš Luňákfix variable name
2009-08-17 Luboš Luňák11.2 message updates
2009-08-17 Luboš Luňák11.2 adjustments
2009-08-17 Luboš LuňákMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-14 Stephan Binneradd 4 missing strings, kbstateapplet is gone, quicklaun...
2009-08-14 Luboš LuňákMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-12 Luboš Luňákunset CDPATH
2008-11-18 Stephan Binnerupdate
2008-11-17 Stephan Binnersome missing strings which doesn...
2008-11-04 Stephan Binnerstring updates
2008-11-02 Stephan Binnerand next, remove and add as separate .pot to lcn direct...
2008-11-02 Stephan Binnerfirst, update strings from svn
2008-10-30 Stephan Binnerno comment
2008-10-30 Stephan Binner+strings
2008-10-30 Stephan Binnerkeyboard state applet strings
2008-10-28 Stephan Binnerquick* plasmoid strings and merge
2008-10-28 Stephan Binner./
2008-10-28 Stephan Binnerupdate list
2008-10-28 Stephan Binnerharden against kdebase4-workspace
2008-09-18 Dirk Muellerupdated pot
2008-09-18 Dirk Muellermissing strings from submitted but not yet checked...
2008-09-18 Dirk Muelleradded svn url
2008-09-18 Dirk Muelleradd readme
2008-09-18 Dirk Muellerupdated patch translations
2008-06-10 Stephan Binnerbump version number
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellermerge Beineri's strings for things that are not impleme...
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellernew strings from kopete
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellertranslation update
2008-05-15 Dirk Muellerupdated pot
2008-05-15 Dirk Muellerand another string :)
2008-05-15 Dirk Muellernew translations
2008-04-16 Dirk Muellermore stable result
2008-04-16 Dirk Muelleradd extracted translations (Beta1)
2008-04-16 Dirk Muellermore work on the string extraction
2008-04-13 Dirk Muellerstart with a patch translation dirs.. doesn't work...