2008-09-23 Dirk Muellerchanging the theming by overwriting the cache file...
2008-09-18 Dirk Muellerupdated pot
2008-09-18 Dirk Muellermissing strings from submitted but not yet checked...
2008-09-18 Dirk Muelleradded svn url
2008-09-18 Dirk Muelleradd readme
2008-09-18 Dirk Muellerupdated patch translations
2008-09-03 Stephan Binneradd bookmark to (fate...
2008-09-02 Stephan Binnerbump some places to 11.1 version
2008-07-31 Dirk Muellerfix non-ascii path names (bnc#157508)
2008-07-25 Stephan Binnerdon't install trash.desktop anymore
2008-07-25 Stephan Binneradd to make default cursor theme configurable
2008-07-15 Stephan Binnernow provided my kde4-kmix
2008-07-15 Stephan Binnerdefault to Oxyge_white mouse cursor theme
2008-07-04 Dirk Muelleradd missing default settings (bnc#406150)
2008-06-26 Stephan Binner11.0 look'a'like
2008-06-18 Dirk Muellerfix migration of kabc stuff
2008-06-10 Stephan Binnerbump version number
2008-06-10 Dirk Muellerupdate version number
2008-06-10 Dirk Muellersvn revert
2008-06-10 Dirk Muellerupdate branches
2008-06-06 Dirk Muellerremove khotkeys from migration (bnc#397817)
2008-06-03 Dirk Muellerupdated icons
2008-06-02 Dirk Muellermigrate akregator feeds
2008-05-27 Dirk Muellerdo a opt-in quick&dirty non-interactive config migration
2008-05-27 Dirk Muellerfix "I18n_ARGUMENT_MISSING" error messages
2008-05-26 Stephan Binnernext try to set wanted default win-deco color
2008-05-23 Lubos LunakNew artwork, at least some pathetic attempt at using it.
2008-05-23 Lubos LunakThat doesn't work either, simply check whether a scroll...
2008-05-23 Lubos LunakNo frame, fix avoiding scrollbars.
2008-05-23 Stephan Binnerdon't show "untrusted link" warning for IRC links on...
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellerfix history
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellermerge Beineri's strings for things that are not impleme...
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellernew strings from kopete
2008-05-21 Dirk Muellertranslation update
2008-05-19 Stephan Binnerdon't start some services on the Live-CD (bnc#345135)
2008-05-19 Dirk Muellermove the error message more up (bnc#391830)
2008-05-16 Dirk Muellerbetter place :)
2008-05-16 Dirk Muellerfix konsole default appearanse
2008-05-16 Dirk Muellerconfigure dpms and screensaver by default like with...
2008-05-16 Dirk Muellerfix system menu disappearying on allowshutdown=None
2008-05-15 Stephan Binneradd bookmarks requested by AJ/Zonker
2008-05-15 Stephan Binnermoving to kdelibs4
2008-05-15 Dirk Muellerupdated pot
2008-05-15 Dirk Muellerand another string :)
2008-05-15 Dirk Muellernew translations
2008-05-14 Stephan Binnermake kde4-workspace-plasmoids translatable
2008-05-13 Dirk Muelleradd missing images
2008-05-13 Dirk Muelleradd +DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_LOCALARGS (bnc#294491)
2008-05-13 Dirk Muelleradd an applister
2008-05-12 Stephan Binner<coolo> Beineri: can you move /opt/kde3/bin/preloadkde...
2008-05-09 Stephan Binnerreal svg, transparent (bnc#386679)
2008-05-07 Dirk Muelleruse the 64x64 sized icon (bnc #387496)
2008-05-06 Dirk Muellerfix
2008-05-06 Dirk Muellerfix names
2008-05-06 Dirk Muellerupdated branding
2008-05-05 Dirk Muellermake the user list box appear more correct
2008-04-30 Lubos LunakShow first part of the progressbar right at the start.
2008-04-27 Dirk Muelleradd custom rules to subdirs
2008-04-27 Dirk Muellertypo
2008-04-27 Dirk Muelleradd the translations to the package
2008-04-25 Dirk Muelleradd missing bits
2008-04-25 Dirk Muellernot used anymore
2008-04-25 Dirk Muellerrename
2008-04-25 Dirk Muellergo away
2008-04-25 Dirk Muellerpdates..
2008-04-25 Dirk Muelleradd a somewhat working theming. it still looks
2008-04-24 Dirk Muelleradd a po subdir..
2008-04-21 Stephan Binnernow white looks better again, this should be really...
2008-04-21 Stephan Binnerremove unmaintained page, sub-page does not even mentio...
2008-04-21 Stephan Binnerfix version
2008-04-21 Stephan Binneradd search provider for openSUSE Build Service, shortcu...
2008-04-18 Lubos Lunak11.0 splash (#375581), needs current kdebase4-workspace.
2008-04-18 Stephan Binnerremoves strange blue line
2008-04-16 Dirk Muellermore stable result
2008-04-16 Dirk Muelleradd extracted translations (Beta1)
2008-04-16 Dirk Muellermore work on the string extraction
2008-04-16 Stephan Binner/etc/YaST2/live-install.xml doesn't exist anymore for...
2008-04-14 Dirk Muellerremove deleted .ui file
2008-04-14 Dirk Muelleradding the dir helps
2008-04-14 Dirk Muellerseems like this doesn't work with kde 4.0 yet
2008-04-13 Dirk Muellerdifferent implementation, equally useless
2008-04-13 Dirk Muellerstart with a patch translation dirs.. doesn't work...
2008-04-13 Dirk Muelleradd a firstrun wizard for KDE3->KDE4 config migration
2008-04-12 Stephan Binnerdon't run ktip, has been even dropped for KDE 4.1
2008-04-11 Stephan Binneralready in kdebase4-runtime
2008-04-11 Stephan Binnerembed bitmap properly
2008-04-11 Stephan Binnersync with KDE3 greeter
2008-04-11 Stephan Binneradd search providers for bnc (#377521) and SourceForge...
2008-04-11 Stephan Binnerinstall default feeds
2008-04-11 Stephan Binnerdefault bookmarks
2008-04-11 Stephan Binnerdefault browser start page
2008-04-11 Stephan BinnerBug 377151 - Konqueror4 asks what to do with YMP files...
2008-04-10 Stephan Binneruse openSUSE splash
2008-04-10 Lubos LunakAdd holder splashscreen for 11.0, currently based on...
2008-04-10 Stephan Binnermove to correct place
2008-04-10 Stephan Binnermove to right place
2008-04-10 Stephan Binnertell where to read global config
2008-04-10 Stephan Binneradd branded start menu branding
2008-04-10 Stephan Binnerdefault plasma theme, wallpaper and clock color
2008-04-10 Stephan Binneradd branded windo deco