2011-10-28 Christian TrippeFix version in the greeter master
2011-10-28 Stephan KulowFrom AJ, patch novell to suse
2011-10-13 Stephan Kulowincrease the number of virtual desktops to 2
2011-10-11 Stephan KulowMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-11 Stephan Kulowfix directory name for plasma
2011-10-11 Stephan Kulowcouldn't find anyone who had a good reasoning why the...
2011-10-11 Stephan Kulowmove it to a path searched later by kde/plasma
2011-10-06 Stephan Kulowuse libreoffice icon
2011-10-06 Stephan Kulowput the files where they are looked for
2011-10-06 Stephan Kulowdon't create file conflict
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowswitch to desktop icons
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowtrying to theme default plasma
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowremove stripes from panel background (bnc#722091)
2011-10-04 Stephan Kulownot sure having it in KDE svn is the right place
2011-10-04 Stephan Kulowmove the background to susegreeter-branding-openSUSE
2011-09-28 Stephan Kulowmove kdm branding to branding-openSUSE (and art repo)
2011-09-27 Stephan Kulowmove wallpaper related artwork to art repo
2011-09-22 Stephan Kulowmoving to branding-openSUSE
2011-08-10 Dirk Muellerfix tarball version number
2011-08-08 Dirk Muellermake it search for 12.1
2011-02-25 Stephan Kulowdo not copy files around that are better suited in...
2011-02-18 Will StephensonUpdate ksplashx and kdm theme metadata for 11.4
2011-02-18 Will StephensonRemove extra pixels in ksplash image (bnc#663029)
2011-02-18 Will StephensonUpdate any existing firefox icons' Url for 11.4
2011-02-10 Will StephensonRemove locale setting. KDE 4.6 does it itself.
2011-02-04 Will StephensonUpstream changed its mind about image file formats...
2011-01-28 Will StephensonMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git://gitorious...
2011-01-27 Javier LlorenteUpdate SUSEgreeter artwork for 11.4 5
2011-01-27 Javier LlorenteUpdate wallpapers for 11.4
2011-01-26 Will StephensonAdd (R) to logo
2011-01-23 Will StephensonRemove unusable jpg background image
2011-01-23 Will StephensonCeladon version of 11.4 wallpaper
2011-01-21 Will StephensonEnable touchpad tapping
2011-01-21 Will StephensonUpdate branding for openSUSE 11.4
2011-01-20 Will StephensonDeactivate nepomuk on the LiveCD
2011-01-20 Will StephensonFix test for creating strigi index dir list
2011-01-17 Stephan Kulowuse install -D to mkdir
2011-01-14 Will StephensonPreconfigure synaptiks
2011-01-14 Will StephensonUpdate background for 11.4
2011-01-14 Will Stephenson11.4
2011-01-14 Will StephensonUpdate Firefox' desktop file name to 'firefox'
2011-01-14 Will Stephensonnepomukserverrc has been moved to /etc/kde4
2011-01-13 Will StephensonTidy up Nepomuk/Strigi preconfiguration
2011-01-13 Will StephensonAdd Plasma script to not show events in clock
2011-01-13 Will StephensonShrink mysql logfiles on Live CD
2011-01-13 Will StephensonAdd .gitignore
2011-01-13 Will StephensonEnable strigi in Live CD
2011-01-13 Will Stephensonremove obsolete autostart suppressions
2011-01-13 Will StephensonDisable KPackageKit for Live CDs
2011-01-13 Will StephensonDisable akonadi-spawning krunners under the live CD...
2011-01-13 Will StephensonAdd default wallet and configuration to live user
2011-01-13 Will Stephensonkmix no longer starts visible by default
2011-01-13 Will StephensonRemove redundant Amarok global shortcut configuration
2011-01-13 Will StephensonMove konversationrc into /etc/kde4
2011-01-13 Will StephensonRemove duplicate korganizerrc
2010-11-23 Will StephensonEnable Nepomuk in default installs again
2010-11-12 Christian TrippeAdd the superuser terminal icon in the tab bar.
2010-10-04 Will StephensonRemove Konsole branding
2010-09-30 Luboš Luňákslightly update the translations howto
2010-09-07 Luboš Luňákoption to disable kdm root login (bnc#626433)
2010-09-06 Luboš Luňákuse --attach with kdesu
2010-09-06 Luboš Luňákkdesu no longer has --nonewdcop
2010-09-06 Luboš Luňákactually wait for KProcess to execute the command befor...
2010-09-02 Will StephensonThe filename must match the Name field.
2010-09-02 Will Stephensonand remove the dialogs 3
2010-09-02 Will StephensonRemove inherited from default theme elements
2010-09-02 Will StephensonFallback to default and remove duplicated elements
2010-09-01 Will StephensonFixes from Marco Martin to the desktop theme.
2010-06-23 Will StephensonInclude fix to Plasma theme from sr41256
2010-06-22 Will StephensonMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git://gitorious...
2010-06-21 Luboš Luňákuse the same images for wallpapers, kdm and splash
2010-06-18 Luboš Luňákavoid flash during showing
2010-06-18 Luboš Luňákdo not name a method in a way that hides QWidget::adjus...
2010-06-18 Luboš Luňákmake Alt+F4 work
2010-06-18 Luboš LuňákMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-18 Luboš LuňákQt::CustomizeWindowHint disables e.g. Alt+F4 and otherw...
2010-06-18 Luboš Luňákfix translating messages from .xml file, now the the...
2010-06-17 Javier LlorenteFixed format in feeds.opml
2010-06-16 Will StephensonOnly index the xdg-user-dirs by default
2010-06-16 Will StephensonReset the Plasma wallpaper cache on first 11.3 login
2010-06-15 Will StephensonUse 11.3 logo in ksplash
2010-06-14 Will StephensonComplete ksplash branding
2010-06-14 Will StephensonAlso add ksplashx theme changes
2010-06-14 Will StephensonUpdate KDE branding for openSUSE 11.3
2010-06-04 Luboš Luňákgconf workaround for firefox for 11.3 too (bnc#601392)
2010-06-02 Luboš Luňákdo not store unrelated nepomuk settings, only the ones...
2010-05-20 Javier LlorenteFixed typo, updated bookmarks.xml and feeds.opml
2010-05-20 Luboš Luňákdisable all debug output by default (bnc#588154)
2010-05-18 Luboš Luňákhandle filelist also with recent rpm (bnc#574742)
2010-05-13 Luboš Luňáktranslation update
2010-04-30 Luboš Luňákmove setting up of gtk style to kcm_gtk
2010-04-23 Luboš Luňákmore 112->113
2010-04-23 Luboš Luňák11.2 -> 11.3
2010-04-23 Luboš Luňákfix i18n checkout URL
2010-04-23 Luboš Luňákadd error handling to checking out
2010-04-14 Luboš LuňákI forgot kaffeine
2010-04-13 Luboš Luňákupdate translations for 11.3
2010-04-13 Luboš Luňákfix and update for 11.3
2010-03-15 Luboš Luňákfix updated kdm theme layout (bnc#533189)
2010-03-09 Luboš Luňákupdate kdm theme layout (bnc#533189)