2010-06-08 JF Dingmake osc to remember http authentication header master
2010-06-08 JF Dingadd '--types' option to 'co'/'up' to limit file types
2010-05-25 JF Dingbug: should specify 'src_rev' when get details for...
2010-05-24 JF Dingshow mailing list addr when sending mail
2010-05-24 JF Dingnew conf keys for sending mail feature
2010-05-24 JF Dingnew feature for 'sr' to send mail to mailing list
2010-05-22 Marcus Huewe- getbinaries: cleanup
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterruntime fixes for last commit
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröteradd validation verbose mode for easier debugging
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterdon't try to execute temporary files in validator directory
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröter* offer access to deleted projects/packages
2010-05-21 Adrian Schrötersupport undelete of project or package
2010-05-21 Juergen WeigertImproved english message text.
2010-05-20 Adrian Schröterdo not die on helper directories
2010-05-20 Adrian SchröterMake source validator moduler, execute all scripts...
2010-05-20 Adrian Schrötersupport source validators as pre-checkin check
2010-05-19 Pavol Rusnakfix osc add
2010-05-19 Adrian Schröterallow to set a temporary comment for a review via ...
2010-05-19 Adrian Schröterwhen doing "osc up -e" or "osc up -u" the actual update...
2010-05-19 Adrian Schröterapprovenew is a little bit less horrible then acceptall...
2010-05-19 Adrian Schröteradd "osc rq acceptallnew $PROJECT" command to show...
2010-05-19 Adrian Schröter* support branching with --force, to override existing...
2010-05-18 Adrian Schröteruse "checksum" to be in sync with other places
2010-05-17 Adrian Schröterallow --force branch, even when target already exists
2010-05-17 Adrian Schröteradd sha256 verification for downloaded files via source...
2010-05-14 Adrian Schröterextent command description for add
2010-05-14 Adrian Schröterregister "_service" file, in case it got created
2010-05-14 Adrian Schröteradd support for obs download_url source service.
2010-05-13 Marcus Huewe- catch PackageError()
2010-05-12 Ludwig Nusselrestore mtime handling for getbinaries
2010-05-12 Ludwig Nusselguess spec file name from current directory
2010-05-09 Marcus Huewe- "run_pager()": cleanup + fixed isatty() call
2010-05-09 Marcus Huewe- cut *.changes message after 30 lines (as request...
2010-05-09 Marcus HueweMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-05-09 Marcus Huewe- simplify "get_commit_message_template()"
2010-05-08 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-08 Adrian Schröterfix copypac with same source and destination:
2010-05-07 Ludwig Nusseldon't die if saving repo list fails
2010-05-06 Marcus Huewe- osc build: don't fail if a server isn't reachable
2010-05-06 Ludwig Nusselcatch cpio errors
2010-05-05 Ludwig Nusselwhitespace fixes
2010-05-04 Danny Kukawkacheck if stdout is a tty before call pager
2010-05-04 Danny Kukawkaadd run_pager() and make osc log/diff work like git...
2010-05-04 Danny Kukawkamake sure global option -A works too in a checked out...
2010-05-04 Danny Kukawkaget apiurl for 'osc my' from checked out package
2010-05-04 Danny Kukawkaadded 'osc getbinaries REPOSITORY' to checkout all...
2010-05-03 Danny Kukawkafix some more close() statements
2010-05-03 Danny Kukawkafix close() statement in download()
2010-05-03 Danny Kukawkafixed warning from pychecker
2010-05-03 Ludwig Nusselbuild result may have no status
2010-05-02 Jan-Simon MöllerUpdate NEWS.
2010-05-02 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd CB(pre)install hooks to osc
2010-04-30 Ludwig Nusselsave log file of vm builds
2010-04-30 Ludwig Nusselallow to override vm type on command line
2010-04-30 Ludwig Nusseluse new build --vm-* options
2010-04-30 Ludwig Nusselstore list of repos for offline use
2010-04-30 Marcus Huewe- minor cleanup
2010-04-30 Marcus Huewe- simplify comment:)
2010-04-30 Marcus Huewe- store tmpfiles in the default tmpdir
2010-04-30 Adrian Schröterpoint users to xen/kvm build enviroments instead of...
2010-04-29 Adrian Schröterfix creation of package link, when target project has...
2010-04-28 Ludwig Nusseluse common function for launching an editor
2010-04-28 Ludwig Nusselproject and package auto detection for osc meta
2010-04-28 Ludwig Nusseldisplay cpio download message immediately
2010-04-28 Ludwig Nusseloption to hide download meter when finished
2010-04-28 Ludwig Nusseluse common download code for sources and binaries
2010-04-27 Michal Vyskocilprint the error message on multiple description files
2010-04-27 Michal Vyskociluse glob when searching the build description
2010-04-27 Michal Vyskocilosc branch reads project/package in package directory
2010-04-26 Marcus Huewe- core.request_interactive_review(): backward compatibi...
2010-04-23 Adrian Schrötersupport OBS 2.0 "unresolvable" state, former expansion...
2010-04-23 Ludwig Nusselmake osc rebuild pick package from working directory
2010-04-23 Ludwig Nusselauto --local-package if --alternative-project is used
2010-04-22 Marcus Huewe- fixes for old python versions
2010-04-22 Marcus Huewe- fixed read_sizelimit()
2010-04-22 Adrian Schröteradd a --size-limit option to checkout and update.
2010-04-21 Marcus HueweMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-04-21 Marcus Huewe- backward compatibility fix (only a recent api/backend...
2010-04-20 Michal Vyskocil--csv/--format options for osc results
2010-04-20 Michal Vyskocilformat_results - apply format string on each dict in...
2010-04-20 Michal Vyskocilaliases (pac, pkg, package) in result dict
2010-04-20 Michal Vyskocilsplit the formating rules from get_results
2010-04-20 Marcus Huewe- only offer "d(i)ff" option for submitrequests
2010-04-20 Marcus Huewe- use oscerr.UserAbort()
2010-04-19 Marcus Huewe- update version to 0.126git
2010-04-19 Marcus Huewe- update version to 0.126
2010-04-19 Ludwig Nusselunlink key file in case of failure
2010-04-17 Marcus Huewe- raise an appropriate exception if a package is missin...
2010-04-17 Jan-Simon Möllercleanup
2010-04-17 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd support for --preload and --offline to osc build.
2010-04-14 Martin Mohringchanged: cross build emulation strings in build and...
2010-04-14 Adrian Schröterconsider "lxc" a secure enviroment
2010-04-14 Adrian Schröterrestore 0.125 behaviour again and do not verify packages,
2010-04-10 Marcus Huewe- do_diff()/do_rdiff(): added "--missingok" parameter
2010-04-09 Marcus Huewe- arghs.. the last commit was not the right fix
2010-04-09 Marcus Huewe- try to read the package name first in order to raise...
2010-04-09 Marcus Huewe- simplify
2010-04-08 Marcus Huewe- handle linkerrors more gracefully
2010-04-08 Marcus Huewe- updated NEWS file
2010-04-08 Marcus Huewe- fix for osc chroot