2009-12-10 Juergen WeigertMerge branch 'master' into jw jw
2009-12-10 Juergen WeigertMerge branch 'jw' of into jw
2009-12-10 Juergen Weigert - 'osc cat' now does automatic link expansion unless...
2009-12-10 Michal ČihařFix escaping of parameters separated by | in man page.
2009-12-10 Adrian Schröteropen 0.125 development ...
2009-12-10 Adrian Schrötergot for 0.124 version
2009-12-09 Adrian Schröteradd "osc triggerreason", show detailed reason of a...
2009-12-09 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2009-12-09 Adrian Schröter* Revert fetch-cpio support for now, too many complains...
2009-12-08 Pavol Rusnakremove exec flags from and
2009-12-04 Juergen WeigertMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into jw
2009-12-04 Juergen Weigertlearning git
2009-12-04 Marcus Hüwe- autodetect *.kiwi files too
2009-12-04 Juergen Weigertjhkj
2009-12-04 Adrian Schröteradd dependson and whatdependson commands
2009-12-04 Michal ČihařRemove line of asterisks
2009-12-03 Stephan Kulowconvert svn:ignore to gitignore
2009-12-02 Adrian Schröterdocument build --release option
2009-12-01 Ludwig Nusselimplement build --release
2009-12-01 Adrian Schröterfix file descriptor leak (make it possible to handle...
2009-11-30 Ludwig Nusselsanitize osc repos command
2009-11-30 Ludwig Nusselupdate NEWS
2009-11-30 Ludwig Nusselbetter repourls command behavior
2009-11-30 Ludwig Nusselhide install command. just plain broken.
2009-11-26 Ludwig Nusselmore convenience for osc signkey
2009-11-26 Ludwig Nusselallow build in read-only directory
2009-11-24 Jürgen Weigert-
2009-11-24 Michal Vyskocilosc mv command
2009-11-24 Ludwig Nusselhack to make dependency expansion of --with and --witho...
2009-11-24 Ludwig Nussel--with and --without need to be array
2009-11-23 Adrian Schröterdefault to exact search now (faster results and less...
2009-11-23 Adrian Schröteradd "osc build --root" option to allow to specify build...
2009-11-23 Ludwig Nusselprint valid repos if buildlog, buildhist or jobhist...
2009-11-23 Ludwig Nusselallow to specify limit=0 so jobhist works with apis...
2009-11-20 Adrian Schröterfix request listing with --type without given target...
2009-11-20 Ludwig Nusselprint list of valid arguments for getbinaries
2009-11-20 Thomas Schmidtfix text
2009-11-19 Jürgen Weigertr8879 through r9082 into '.'
2009-11-19 Jürgen Weigert-
2009-11-18 Marcus Hüwe- reverted r9064. Verify/adjust apiurl in instead
2009-11-18 Michal VyskocilMake read of email adress from oscrc more robust
2009-11-17 Dirk Muellerosc maintainer: hide verbose information if verbose is
2009-11-17 Marcus Hüwe- use a meaningful package name instead of "_repository"
2009-11-17 Adrian Schrötersupport review handling of requests (new "osc review...
2009-11-17 Ludwig Nusselsmarter ls -b
2009-11-17 Ludwig Nusselreset Validation errors after each connect
2009-11-16 Ludwig Nusselinitialize apiurl always
2009-11-13 Jürgen Weigert@cmdln.proj_pack() started. Not yet useful
2009-11-13 Adrian Schröterremove not implemented functionalities from NEW files
2009-11-13 Adrian Schrötershow worker/id on jobhistory and make it faster by...
2009-11-13 Ludwig Nusselextra-pkgs must be list always
2009-11-13 Ludwig Nusselbetter ssl certificate verification
2009-11-13 Adrian Schröter* patchinfo runtime fixes
2009-11-12 Jürgen Weigertadded osc build --offline
2009-11-11 Ludwig Nusseluse empty extra-pkgs by default (bnc#455960)
2009-11-10 Adrian Schröterbasic patchinfo support, calling api for generate file...
2009-11-10 Michal Vyskocilosc my - show maintained packages by default
2009-11-10 Adrian Schrötermention Ludwigs m2crypto fixes
2009-11-10 Adrian Schrötercleanup and update TODOs
2009-11-10 Jürgen Weigertfixed indentation of done+=1; now it counts correctly
2009-11-10 Jürgen Weigertfixed: file descriptor leakage in
2009-11-10 Jürgen WeigertMerging r8879 through r8883
2009-11-10 Jürgen Weigertall *.py: TABS to spaces; osc build: counting packages...
2009-11-10 Jürgen Weigertall *.py: TABS to spaces; osc build: counting packages...
2009-11-09 Jürgen WeigertMerging r8693 through r8878 into '.'; updated TODO
2009-11-09 Jürgen WeigertMerging r8666 through r8692 into '.'
2009-11-09 Jürgen Weigert-
2009-11-09 Jürgen Weigertbranched clientlib at r8665
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- sigh... python24 fix
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- fixed implicit release for deb packages
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- yet another fix for python24...
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- yet another fix for python24
2009-11-06 Jan-Simon Mölleradd PRJ PKG also as args of buildinfo and buildconfig
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- fix for python24
2009-11-06 Jan-Simon Möllerosc jobhistory accepts now also PRJ [PKG] REPO ARCH...
2009-11-06 Adrian Schröterchange "osc maintained" syntax to "osc sm" or "osc...
2009-11-06 Adrian Schröterno verification of packages in build --noinit case...
2009-11-05 Marcus Hüwe- updated NEWS file
2009-11-05 Marcus Hüwe- fixed #477690 ("osc fetching binaries really slow...
2009-11-05 Michal Vyskociladded missing return_existing=False to attribute_branch_pkg
2009-11-05 Adrian Schrötercorrect messages about package verifications
2009-11-04 Adrian Schrötermake "no valid buildinfo" message a bit more helpfull
2009-11-04 Dirk Muellerimplement -v for osc ls -b
2009-11-04 Marcus Hüwe- fixed indention + some small simplifications
2009-11-02 Michal Mareklinkpac: default to cicount=copy if the link is in...
2009-11-02 Ludwig Nusselauto detect ca certificates on Fedora (bnc#551756)
2009-11-02 Adrian Schröteradd "osc maintained" shortcut command
2009-11-02 Ludwig Nusselfix display of certificate validity period in verifiy_cb
2009-11-02 Adrian Schröterimplement "mbranch" call as documented on
2009-10-30 Jürgen Weigertpartial fix for bnc#551147
2009-10-30 Adrian Schrötersupport attribute default requests and including projec...
2009-10-30 Adrian Schröterbasic meta attribute features, to show, set, create...
2009-10-29 Adrian Schröterups .. forgot to import module
2009-10-29 Adrian Schrötersupport http proxies when using python 2.6 or newer...
2009-10-24 Marcus Hüwe- don't use relative paths
2009-10-24 Marcus Hüwe- cleanups:
2009-10-24 Marcus Hüwe- oops don't close this file
2009-10-24 Marcus Hüwe- small fixes for offline build support
2009-10-22 Adrian Schröter* allow to limit the osc search results by the existens...
2009-10-22 Jürgen Weigert - added 'osc bugowner' as a more intelligent version...