last changeTue, 8 Jun 2010 09:06:47 +0000 (17:06 +0800)
2010-06-08 JF Dingmake osc to remember http authentication header master
2010-06-08 JF Dingadd '--types' option to 'co'/'up' to limit file types
2010-05-25 JF Dingbug: should specify 'src_rev' when get details for...
2010-05-24 JF Dingshow mailing list addr when sending mail
2010-05-24 JF Dingnew conf keys for sending mail feature
2010-05-24 JF Dingnew feature for 'sr' to send mail to mailing list
2010-05-22 Marcus Huewe- getbinaries: cleanup
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterruntime fixes for last commit
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröteradd validation verbose mode for easier debugging
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterdon't try to execute temporary files in validator directory
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröter* offer access to deleted projects/packages
2010-05-21 Adrian Schrötersupport undelete of project or package
2010-05-21 Juergen WeigertImproved english message text.
2010-05-20 Adrian Schröterdo not die on helper directories
2010-05-20 Adrian SchröterMake source validator moduler, execute all scripts...
2010-05-20 Adrian Schrötersupport source validators as pre-checkin check
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