- add package list to inst-sys
[opensuse:installation-images.git] / data / initrd / initrd_base.file_list
2004-02-02 Steffen Winterfeldt- add package list to inst-sys
2004-01-30 Steffen Winterfeldt- make it boot 9.1
2004-01-29 Ulrich Hechtmore 2.6 fixes for s390
2003-12-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- new boot disk layout
2003-10-06 Steffen Winterfeldt- liveeval changes
2003-09-17 Steffen Winterfeldt- added xrefresh
2003-09-14 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-09-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed bootdisk (knew nothing about scsi mods)
2003-09-06 Steffen Winterfeldt- adapted splash mode resolution list
2003-08-07 Steffen Winterfeldt- added dhcp client to rescue system
2003-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- more fixes for s390
2003-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- yast2-network-instsys has been deleted
2003-07-18 Steffen Winterfeldt- use kernel pcmcia
2003-07-15 Steffen Winterfeldt- added bzip2 to rescue system (#27896)
2003-04-24 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-03-07 Steffen Winterfeldt- don't put cd related modules into initrd (#24709)
2003-02-04 Steffen Winterfeldt- qt fixes
2003-01-20 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-01-09 Steffen Winterfeldt- acl & attr package split
2002-11-26 Steffen Winterfeldt- merged with 8.1 tree
2002-09-16 Ihno Krumreich- Added missing files for samba-client
2002-09-13 Steffen Winterfeldt- y2debug issue
2002-09-08 Steffen Winterfeldt- cd2 boot image small enough
2002-09-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- samba, again
2002-09-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- openssh fix
2002-09-02 Steffen Winterfeldt- take passwd/shadow/group from aaa_base
2002-09-02 Ihno Krumreich- removed hanging ping (-w-parameter)
2002-08-29 Ihno Krumreich- removed minor bugs from scrips
2002-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2002-08-26 Steffen Winterfeldt- inst_setup starts /sin/yast
2002-08-26 Ihno Krumreich- include new file (linuxrc.config) in initrd
2002-08-26 Olaf Hering- move create_interface from initrd/s390 to root/sbin
2002-08-22 Steffen Winterfeldt- /usr/sbin vs. /sbin fun with xfs & dmapi
2002-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- no samba-classic-client
2002-08-19 Ihno Krumreich- extended create_interface for broadcast devices
2002-08-19 Steffen Winterfeldt- fillup in separate package
2002-08-06 Susanne Oberhauser- take ld*.so to match ld64.so on s390x
2002-08-06 Susanne Oberhauser- added more missing * after /lib
2002-08-05 Olaf Heringadd /root to initrd on prerelease
2002-08-05 Susanne Oberhauser- fixed lib64 support
2002-08-05 Ihno Krumreich- Error in inst_source corrected.
2002-07-31 Ihno Krumreich- added script for checking parmlineparameters
2002-07-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- libz -> zlib
2002-07-25 Steffen Winterfeldt- make it actually work on s390
2002-07-22 Ihno KrumreichBeseitigung kleinerer Fehler.
2002-07-22 Susanne Oberhauser- s390: added yast wrapper
2002-07-22 Susanne Oberhauser- added pivot_root and freeramdisk
2002-07-22 Steffen Winterfeldt-added yast2-transfer
2002-07-22 Ihno KrumreichLinuxrc und netsetup an /bin/linuxrc angepasst
2002-07-21 Olaf Heringuse makedevs.floppy on ppc again, for smaller initrd...
2002-07-20 Olaf Heringuse filesystem instead of aaa_dir in >= 8.1
2002-07-15 Ihno KrumreichS390/S390x Lists ajustet, scripts adaptet
2002-07-12 Steffen Winterfeldt- mkfs.cramfs has moved
2002-07-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- added saxident
2002-07-09 Steffen Winterfeldt- make it possible to run rpm scripts chrooted
2002-07-08 Steffen Winterfeldt- set RPM_ARCH for makedevs script
2002-07-08 Olaf Hering- no kdb/pcmcia in initrd on ppc
2002-07-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- make it work with long package names
2002-07-02 Ihno Krumreichlists changed because of restructuring of openssh-packages
2002-07-02 Ihno Krumreichcorrected filelist for building initrd and root
2002-06-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed for x86_64
2002-06-14 Susanne Oberhauser- add pam-modules
2002-06-12 Susanne Oberhauser- s390: use tar.rpm and sed.rpm for sed and tar instead...
2002-06-12 Steffen Winterfeldt- yast2 package changes
2002-06-11 Susanne Oberhauser- minor adoptions for s390 to changes since 7.3
2002-05-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- added yast2-storage
2002-05-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- latest mips changes
2002-05-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- no bootlogo on CD2 boot image
2002-05-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- deactivate bootlogo on small bootimages until kernel...
2002-03-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- add sg.o module and sg* devices to initrd, they are...
2002-03-03 Steffen Winterfeldt- allow bootdisks to have the initrd on a module disk
2002-03-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- added 'gconf-modules' (#13991)
2002-02-18 Steffen Winterfeldt- drop firewire modules
2002-02-15 Steffen Winterfeldt- make it possible to create an initrd where linuxrc...
2002-02-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- kbd things have been moved to /usr/share
2002-01-21 Steffen Winterfeldt- some new yast2 packs
2001-12-18 Steffen Winterfeldt- updated boot & module disks
2001-11-26 Steffen Winterfeldt- added packages bzip, XFree86-compat-libs to neededfor...
2001-10-19 Steffen Winterfeldt- latest sparc and ppc patches
2001-09-25 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-09-25 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-09-21 Susanne Oberhauser- move smbmunt/smbmnt to /bin, so linuxrc can find it
2001-09-11 Susanne Oberhauser- replaced redirection via shellscript by redirection...
2001-09-07 Susanne Oberhauser- s390: added /etc/login.defs, /bin/date
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- replaced hard coded shared object version numbers...
2001-09-04 Steffen Winterfeldt- Remove more modules on SPARC
2001-08-30 Steffen Winterfeldt- linuxrc can now work as a ps-like command
2001-08-15 Susanne Oberhauser- added nfs-utils
2001-08-14 Susanne Oberhauserinitrd booting, ssh login possible, netsetup working
2001-08-10 Susanne Oberhausernetsetup is working now :)
2001-08-09 Susanne Oberhauserfirst initrd that will boot on s390 :)
2001-08-07 Susanne Oberhauseradded first shot of s390 specific changes
2001-08-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- use linuxrc_tiny in 'small' initrd
2001-07-17 Steffen Winterfeldt- support gcc 3.0
2001-07-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- started to drop support for SL < 7.2
2001-07-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- kukuk: /lib/ld* rules