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[opensuse:hwinfo.git] / hwbootscan
2003-09-22 Steffen Winterfeldt- updated usb scanner & webcam data
2003-09-06 Steffen Winterfeldt- fork() for serial mouse & modem detection
2003-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- probe for multiple hardware classes at a time
2003-03-07 Steffen Winterfeldt- usb multiple interfaces again: only for HID devices...
2003-03-06 Steffen Winterfeldt- write ff to /dev/lp0 if imm.o didn't load (#14175)
2003-03-03 Marcus Meissnerreadded mouse probing, but without serial mice and...
2003-02-10 Marcus Meissner removed mouse probe.
2002-11-06 Steffen Winterfeldt- joined with 8.1 branch
2002-09-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- no special cciss & i2o probing
2002-09-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- convert_hd now reads xml
2002-08-26 Marcus Meissner (.reprobe) was renamed to reprobe.
2002-06-19 Steffen Winterfeldt- don't _change_ config status in hwbootscan
2002-03-21 Steffen Winterfeldt- remove /var/lib/hardware/LOCK in hwbootscan (#15217)
2002-03-05 Marcus Meissner - do not delete the reconfig.needed files, but set...
2002-03-04 Marcus Meissneralso do --isapnp scan
2002-03-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- boot.hwscan: probe for mice & pci hardware only ...
2002-02-22 Marcus Meissnerprobe mouse before gfxcard. makes more sense.
2002-02-22 Marcus Meissner- probe for:
2002-02-18 Marcus Meissnerchoose_mouse module was renamed to just mouse
2002-02-12 Marcus MeissnerMouse probing is in choose_mouse.
2002-01-28 Steffen Winterfeldt- hwscan: touch /var/lib/hardware/.update if things...