2007-12-05 cboltz- included italian headline image
2007-12-05 rlihmadded 'Help Online' graphic and fixed typo
2007-12-01 pblesercontributed by cboltz: graphical headlines
2007-12-01 pbleserrenamed online_help_cs.png to online_help_cz.png
2007-11-26 rlihmadded localized online-help graphics
2007-11-14 rlihmimplemented "online help" graphik
2007-11-12 rlihmadded "online help" graphic
2007-11-12 dahooltypo corrected
2007-11-07 hennevogeladd spanish translation
2007-10-07 pbleser- fixed HTML entities in pt and pt_BR
2007-10-05 Beinerilink directly to 10.3 documentation until index page...
2007-10-04 hennevogelmore small fixes for the german help index
2007-10-04 hennevogelsmall fixes
2007-10-04 hennevogelproof reading / re-writing of help.o.o de page
2007-10-03 pbleserfixed header width
2007-10-03 pbleserfixed some html entities
2007-10-03 pbleserfixed links (to pt pages or added lang="en") and minor...
2007-10-03 pbleseradded russian translation, thanks to metavoid
2007-10-03 pblesersend it -> send the email, thanks to metavoid
2007-10-03 pbleseradded lang="en" and fixed links to localized wiki pages...
2007-10-03 pbleseradded czech translation, thanks to Martin Vidner and...
2007-10-03 Beinerisave redirects
2007-10-03 Beineriimprove urls
2007-10-03 Beinerifix IRC anchor
2007-10-03 Beinerino German version of Netiquette available
2007-10-03 Beineriumlaut fix
2007-10-02 pbleserremoved text saying links point to english pages when...
2007-10-02 pbleseradded finnish translation, thanks to daPhoenix
2007-10-02 pbleseradded fixes and enhancements contributed by Markus...
2007-10-01 pbleserfixed typo
2007-10-01 pbleserfixed a few missed ones
2007-10-01 pbleserfirst draft of the german translation
2007-10-01 pbleserfirst draft of the dutch translation, thanks to Leo...
2007-09-29 pbleseruse geeko.jpg as on the wiki
2007-09-29 pbleseradded french translation
2007-09-29 pbleseradded italian, portuguese, brazilian portuguese and...
2007-09-20 pbleserfixed missing space in the #lists section
2007-09-20 pbleserfixed two minor typos
2007-09-20 pbleserfix openSUSE->opensuse where appropriate
2007-09-13 jcspin247Changed official suse green to unofficial official...
2007-09-13 jcspin247Changed official suse green to unofficial official...
2007-09-13 jcspin247Fixed broken links caused by "openSUSE"
2007-09-13 jcspin247removed reference to some php script that was not neede...
2007-09-13 jcspin247changed style of box header on left col
2007-09-13 jcspin247added missing images
2007-09-13 jcspin247Major clean up and restructuring of files; Previous...
2007-09-13 jcspin247snippet added to allow for direct linking to a given...
2007-09-13 jcspin247added title attributes to all links; fixed links on...
2007-09-06 jcspin247fixed html validation
2007-09-06 jcspin247wording tweaks
2007-09-06 jcspin247fixed typo in paragraph tag; changed irc link to irc...
2007-09-06 jcspin247complete redesign to match the new layout...
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2007-08-15 AdrianSuSErename, just to be consistent