last changeWed, 11 Apr 2012 13:09:44 +0000 (15:09 +0200)
2012-04-11 Harald FernengelUse credentials from within the root file system master
2012-02-08 Ludwig Nusseladd duplicate entries for / and /usr (bnc#745622)
2012-02-07 Ludwig Nusseladd scripts for automatic package sumission
2012-02-02 Ludwig Nusseldrop zypp-refresh-wrapper (bnc#738677)
2011-11-07 Ludwig Nusseldisable run time fscaps detection (bnc#728312)
2011-09-23 Ludwig Nusselchange default_set to 1
2011-09-23 Ludwig Nusselallow checking for stale files
2011-09-21 Ludwig Nusselfix typo in path
2011-09-20 Ludwig Nusselremove world writeable /var/crash again (bnc#438041)
2011-09-20 Ludwig Nusselsort rpm list and add amd64, geode, ia32e, pentium3...
2011-09-20 Ludwig Nusselremove world writable permissions from /usr/src/package...
2011-09-20 Ludwig Nusselremove setgid games bits (bnc#429882)
2011-09-20 Ludwig Nusseladd chromium browser sandbox helper (bnc#718016)
2011-08-22 Ludwig Nusseldon't offer PERMISSION_SECURITY in config anymore
2011-06-28 Ludwig Nusselremove setuid bit from opiesu (bnc#698772)
2011-06-28 Ludwig Nusselwe don't intimidate users
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