last changeFri, 9 Apr 2010 13:54:15 +0000 (15:54 +0200)
2010-04-09 Michal MarekDo not call update-bootloader if not available master
2010-04-08 Michal MarekUpdate copyright headers
2010-04-08 Thomas BiegeAdded call to load_policy to load the SELinux policy...
2010-03-26 Michal Mareksetup-storage: Do not assume that anything that contain...
2010-03-26 Michal Mareksetup-start: include /etc/sysconfig/kernel early enough
2010-03-25 Michal Mareksetup-block: catch "(null)" in /sys/class/scsi_host...
2010-03-23 Michal Marekboot-killudev: do not use the obsolete udevsettle command
2010-03-17 Michal Do not run ldd on scripts
2010-03-16 Stephan Kulowsupport upstart in providing a file with the initrd...
2010-03-11 Michal Mareksetup-block: map /dev/mmc* to the mmc_block driver
2010-03-10 Milan VancuraCheck for a list of available mkinitrd features.
2010-03-10 Hannes ReineckeParse iBFT settings correctly
2010-03-10 Michal MarekUsing ifup for network initialisation
2010-03-10 Michal Mareksetup-block: Add warning for loop devices
2010-03-10 Hannes Reineckesetup-storage: Ignore error messages from dmsetup
2010-03-10 Michal MarekUse udevsettle before killing udevd
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