last changeMon, 28 Apr 2008 12:45:28 +0000 (12:45 +0000)
2008-04-28 Ludwig Nusselgrant access to scsi generic devices from usb floppies... master
2008-01-14 Ludwig Nusselwait 60 seconds for hal on login per default
2008-01-14 Ludwig Nusselimplement check option
2008-01-14 Ludwig Nusseluse environment variables to control logging behavior
2008-01-14 Ludwig Nusselwait for hald if it's not running (#309171)
2008-01-14 Ludwig Nusselsupport logging to syslog
2007-11-26 Ludwig Nusseladd support for drm devices (#231171)
2007-07-11 Ludwig Nusseldon't call hal-resmgr in the remove case
2007-06-12 Ludwig Nusselmerge device file from parent if resmgr.class is set...
2007-06-11 Ludwig Nusselremove obsolete usb hacks
2007-04-16 Ludwig Nusseldon't die if resmgr connection fails ie consider noone...
2007-02-14 Ludwig Nussel- fix fdi file to grant access to floppy devices again...
2007-02-07 Ludwig Nusselmove docu to resmgr package
2007-01-16 Ludwig Nusseladd another example
2006-11-28 Ludwig Nusselproperly quote user names that contain backslashes...
2006-11-13 Ludwig Nusseladd support for dvb and video4linux devices
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