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last changeFri, 12 Oct 2012 09:07:37 +0000 (11:07 +0200)
2012-10-12 Susanne Oberhausertame tput error output, sanitize invocation to tput master
2012-10-12 Susanne Oberhauser- /etc/bash.bashrc: add prompt to the terminal "status...
2012-10-08 Andreas JaegerFix typo in /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/loop.conf
2012-10-05 Werner FinkTry to resolve the copletion problems with ls
2012-10-04 Andreas JaegerCreate loop devices in /dev directly
2012-10-04 Andreas JaegerAdd bnc
2012-10-04 Andreas JaegerCreate loop devices via tmpfiles.d
2012-09-25 Andreas JaegerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/5' of git://gitorious...
2012-09-25 Thorsten KukukSuSEconfig is finally gone [FATE#100011]
2012-08-07 Ludwig Nusselhonor $SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP again (bnc#774754)
2012-07-31 Ludwig Nusselfix service status for sysvscripts when booted with...
2012-07-20 Werner FinkRedirect test if blogd is running otherwise it will...
2012-07-20 Philipp ThomasFix linuxbase URLs to point to the current documentation.
2012-07-13 Vincent UntzUpdate /etc/bash.bashrc for bash-completion
2012-07-10 Werner FinkAlso remove an possible but old /var/log/
2012-07-04 Dominique Leuenbergerset unused proxy variables to empty values (bnc#756012)
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