SuSEconfig is finally gone [FATE#100011]
[opensuse:fcrozats-aaa_base.git] / files / etc / init.d / boot
2012-09-25 Thorsten KukukSuSEconfig is finally gone [FATE#100011]
2012-07-10 Werner FinkAlso remove an possible but old /var/log/
2012-06-22 Werner FinkMove boot.msg away if writable before initial start...
2012-06-21 Ludwig Nusseluse /run, preserve /run/no_blogd for shutdown
2011-06-14 Ludwig Nusselmount /run without noexec (bnc#699799)
2011-05-31 Werner FinkEnable container check for devtmpfs (bnc#696026) to...
2011-05-31 Ludwig Nusselfix group and mode of /var/lock
2011-05-27 Ludwig Nusselmake /var/lock tmpfs too
2011-05-27 Ludwig Nusselbind mount /var/run in boot.localfs
2011-05-18 Ludwig Nusselbind mount /run on /var/run
2011-04-21 Werner FinkStart blogd only once at boot
2011-03-30 Ruediger Oertel/etc/init.d/boot: mount /run as tmpfs if not there yet
2011-02-03 Ludwig Nussel- fix mounting /dev/pts (bnc#664692)
2011-01-19 Ludwig Nussel- rc.status: initialize terminal settings only once
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- abort if kernel has no devtmpfs, can not help here...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1520
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- drop chmod for /dev/shm from /etc/init.d/boot
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- move remounting of /dev and /dev/shm to boot.localfs
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- add chmod for /dev/shm to be safe from udev
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- /etc/init.d/boot: use devtmpfs for /dev if available...
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- mount /dev correctly also if devtmpfs
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Disable blogd on fastboot or quiet boot
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Avoid possible race between rtc_cmos and running...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1442
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- remount /dev in /etc/init.d/boot if already mounted...
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- fix bug in /etc/init.d/boot to mount sysfs correctly...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1436
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1425
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Implement forcefsck from kernels command line (bnc...
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Start blogd after /dev/pts is mounted (bnc#410301...
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Make boot scripts know about new upcoming startpar...
2010-12-01 Werner Finkrevision 1405
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1404
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Use common code only once for halt/reboot/single
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1381
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Remove old Makefile check shorten boot time by 2...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1291
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- mount debugfs to /sys/kernel/debug if supported ...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1246
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertelrevision 1240
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- etc/init.d/boot: tmpfs -> udev (mount label)
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- removed SHMFS_SIZE (#138451)
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- remove reference to DEV_ON_TMPFS in /etc/init.d/boot...
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Minor: exit status 7 for boot scripts is failed ...
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Cleanup boot and rc master scripts to use make like...
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Group splash functionality into one /etc/rc.splash...
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- boot script: call /usr/lib/YaST2/startup/YaST2.Second...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1090
2010-12-01 Michael Schroeder- complete overhaul of bootsplash progressbar/event...
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Catch Ctrl-C first in boot script (bug #36728)
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Fix cut&paste error in /etc/init.d/boot
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Switch to new startpar with make like behaviour
2010-12-01 Andreas Schwab- rc.status: use size of terminal connected to stdout...
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- fix missing "fi" in /etc/init.d/boot
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Make counter varaible to a local one in rc.status
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1039
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Set traps for SIGINT not only in rc but also in boot...
2010-12-01 Andreas Schwab- Remove redirections on stty calls, can cause spurious...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 1016
2010-12-01 Thorsten Kukuk- Don't generate /etc/gshadow any longer
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 977
2010-12-01 Kurt Garloff- skeleton, bug #29589: Update comments.
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- removed all occurences of and replaced
2010-12-01 Roman Drahtmüller- /etc/init.d/boot: "Mounting /proc device" -> "/proc...
2010-12-01 Stefan Reinauer- add deleted bootsplash hooks in /etc/init.d/boot...
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- remove leftover ssh-agent sockets on boot (#27463)
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Add new parallel featured boot scripts
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Next step on parallel boot scheme: reduce I/O calls
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- First try of a parallel boot scheme
2010-12-01 Stefan Reinauer- incorporate bootsplash patch into aaa_base
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 821
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Add timer count for interactive message (bug #18361)
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 816
2010-12-01 Olaf Hering- remove rcnetwork start from /etc/init.d/boot
2010-12-01 Werner Fink- Fix typo in /etc/init.d/boot
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 792
2010-12-01 Ihno Krumreich- inserted rcnetwork start/stop in /etc/init.d/boot for
2010-12-01 Andreas Schwab- boot.klog: require boot.localfs to get writable root...
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 744
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- no 64bit dirs for "normal" ppc
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- test for existence of /sbin/blogd before trying to...
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- removed old unused code from etc/init.d/boot (#13164)
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- SuSE GmbH -> SuSE Linux AG replacement
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- added boot.idedma
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- removed network rc.config variables and FQHOSTNAME
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- integrated splash diff
2010-12-01 Rüdiger Oertel- don't always fsck root fs if on LVM
2010-12-01 Variousrevision 570