add start
[opensuse:clicfs.git] / doenerfs.c
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowadd start
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowadd timing calls
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowkeeping the inbuffer is not needed
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowoutput the detached memory less often
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowfix compilation warning on i686
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowenable the uncompress debug
2009-04-07 Stephan Kulowdon't fclose 0
2009-04-03 Stephan Kulowavoid compiler warnings
2009-04-03 Stephan Kulowfixing profiled mkdoener
2009-04-03 Stephan Kulowdon't log by default
2009-04-03 Stephan Kulowfix sparse blocks
2009-04-02 Stephan Kulowdon't output to stdout
2009-04-01 Stephan Kulowremoved debug output
2009-04-01 Stephan Kulowhopefully got cow back in
2009-04-01 Stephan Kulowfix logging
2009-03-31 Stephan Kulowmake undoenerfs work
2009-03-31 Stephan Kulowmove also the decompression
2009-03-31 Stephan Kulowmove parts to read the index to a common.c
2009-03-30 Stephan Kulowcurrent version