2012-07-11 Stephan Kulowlet mkclicfs add padding to 4096 bytes (bnc#733021) master
2012-07-10 Stephan Kulowmake sure we cast memory sizes correct on 32bit
2012-02-09 Stephan Kulow- do not build e2fsprogs
2011-10-17 Stephan Kulowfix isready flag
2011-10-17 Stephan Kulowsync the isready flag to 0 before pages and back to...
2011-10-17 Stephan Kulowadding clicfs_fsck tool - first step, checking cow...
2011-10-17 Stephan Kulowfix support for writes in between page boundaries
2011-10-01 Stephan Kulowport all usages of time to get_uptime
2011-10-01 Stephan Kulowsome small changes
2011-09-30 Stephan Kulowpatch from Rafał Kwaśny mag at
2011-09-07 Stephan Kulowtry simple approach to detach clicfs from ro and rw
2011-09-07 Stephan Kulowsome debugging aids
2011-08-29 Stephan Kulowone more pthread usage
2011-08-29 Stephan Kulowfix build with newer ld
2011-06-22 Stephan Kulowremove some debug output left from thread fixing
2011-03-23 Stephan Kulowsupport old fuse versions
2011-03-21 Stephan Kulowpatch by Dirk Mueller to fix crash in case outfile...
2011-03-21 Stephan Kulowtake out debug
2011-03-18 Stephan Kulowprotect the lzma decoder
2011-03-18 Stephan Kulowreadd the pthread_join to be on the safe side
2011-03-17 Stephan Kulowretry multithreaded
2011-03-17 Stephan Kulowremove some noisy debug
2011-03-17 Stephan Kulowfix offset bug
2011-03-16 Stephan Kulowwrite the correct index to the cow header
2011-03-16 Stephan Kulowchange format of cow file and remove mutexes for now...
2011-03-16 Stephan Kulow- add more debug logs for now
2010-11-29 Stephan Kulowpatch from Marcus Schaefer to readd pthread_cancel...
2010-11-24 Stephan Kulowfix cow file sync - the writer lock is already held...
2010-08-25 Stephan Kulowmake it more robust against read errors
2009-10-14 Stephan Kulow- remove debug output
2009-10-14 Stephan Kulowmore locks, still with debug output
2009-10-14 Stephan Kulowavoid the threads messing with each other
2009-10-13 Stephan Kulowstarting a background thread that will sync the cow...
2009-08-27 Stephan Kulowuse the same value written into the header
2009-08-25 Stephan Kulowtry to be less memory eating (bnc#533687)
2009-08-16 Stephan Kulowmake the part list an array to use binary search
2009-08-16 Stephan Kulowlimit ro-cache by 100mb and let's use mmap for large...
2009-08-16 Stephan Kulowignore
2009-08-12 Stephan Kulowremove debug output again
2009-08-12 Stephan Kulowfree the caches on exit
2009-08-12 Stephan Kulow- do not crash on logging
2009-08-12 Stephan Kulowdon't overallocate memory or we get in trouble
2009-08-12 Stephan Kulowavoid compiler warnings
2009-08-11 Stephan Kulow- avoid deadlock
2009-08-11 Stephan Kulowadd little debug tool from Jan Kara
2009-08-11 Stephan Kulowassertion is no longer true
2009-08-11 Stephan Kulowno need to reorder, just remove and append if changed
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowmake caching dynamic - not limiting to 60MB but to 30s
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowfix progress in unclicfs
2009-08-08 Stephan KulowMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowremove debug output
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowmake unclic work by part and not by block (much faster)
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowmake large block size configurable
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowissue with access sorted out
2009-08-08 Stephan Kulowmove the place of largeparts and add debug
2009-08-07 Stephan Kulowadd additional headers to have large parts at the begin...
2009-08-06 Stephan Kulowit's filesystems now
2009-08-06 Stephan Kulowless debug
2009-08-06 Stephan Kulowfix find_next usage
2009-08-05 Stephan Kulowmore debug
2009-08-05 Stephan Kulowmove index pages around
2009-08-05 Stephan Kulow- don't put the cow index at the end but at the beginning
2009-08-05 Stephan Kulowerror handling and debug
2009-06-02 Stephan Kulowthe factor from 4K to 512bytes is 8 not 2 - no idea
2009-05-27 Stephan Kulowoutput more debug for the moment
2009-05-19 Stephan Kulowreplace all fseeks
2009-05-19 Stephan Kulowuse fseeko instead of fseek
2009-05-18 Stephan Kulowavoid size_t for file sizes (bnc#504627)
2009-05-18 Stephan Kulowthe confusion between num_pages and write_pages is...
2009-05-11 Stephan Kulowmake it more readable
2009-05-11 Stephan Kulowdon't try too hard to write out the cow
2009-05-11 Stephan Kulowfix corruption during write
2009-05-11 Stephan Kulowfilesize in cow is now 64bit
2009-05-08 Stephan Kulow-m is now short for --resevere-sparse and is valid...
2009-05-08 Stephan Kulowavoid people confusing clicfs with squashfs and getting...
2009-05-05 Stephan Kulowif the cow file is ro, then just read it
2009-04-26 Stephan Kulowif it's the last block, it's the last
2009-04-25 Stephan Kulowallow to define number of processors
2009-04-25 Stephan KulowMerge branch 'master' of
2009-04-25 Stephan Kulowsome valgrind cleanup
2009-04-25 Stephan Kulowsome debug
2009-04-25 Stephan Kulowdon't show so obvious :)
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowfix compile
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowfix some compiler warnings
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowchange progress
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowsort the outs
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowmove code around to split into threads
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowsteal more code and let it compile
2009-04-24 Stephan Kulowcopy over some mksquashfs code
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulownever meant to release as LGPL
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowavoid / 0
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowadding dummy
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowfix thinko in lzma decoder
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowreuse the lzma strm
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowmake unclicfs work with new format
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulow- use getopt in mkclicfs
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowcatch more errors
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowchanging magic from SK to CLIC
2009-04-20 Stephan Kulowcatch errors
2009-04-17 Stephan Kulowreturn back to ~