allow abuild user to run accelerated qemu also in XEN.
[opensuse:build.git] / build
2009-04-08 Adrian Schröterallow abuild user to run accelerated qemu also in XEN.
2009-04-08 Adrian Schrötercopy in /bin/mount-static if existing
2009-04-08 Adrian Schröterfix inner build.cross call in XEN/kvm
2009-04-08 Martin Mohring- added: XEN + qemu user mode registration for use...
2009-03-18 Adrian Schrötermodify also /etc/gshadow if existing.
2009-03-12 Adrian Schröterpackage missing md5 file as well
2009-03-11 Christoph Thieltar up ovf images as well
2009-03-07 Adrian Schröterwrite .md5 file at correct place
2009-03-06 Adrian SchröterExtend kiwi result file names with build number
2009-03-06 Adrian Schröterwrite md5 sum file at correct place
2009-03-06 Adrian Schröter* do not forget files while packaging oem results
2009-03-05 Adrian Schröter* Fix extraction of root.tar*
2009-03-04 Adrian Schröteravoid full local path in md5sum file
2009-03-04 Lars Vogdtdo not compress plain iso files, but create md5 file...
2009-02-25 Christoph Thielcreate /repos symlink for kiwi, to fix image build...
2009-02-16 Adrian Schröter* revert disttag support
2009-02-13 Adrian SchröterFix possible security problem found by Ludwig, internal...
2009-02-13 Adrian Schröterfix kvm support based on openSUSE.
2009-02-09 Adrian Schröteradd support for disttag definition (needs patched rpm...
2009-02-08 Adrian Schröter* fix oldpackage compare support for running without...
2009-02-06 Christoph Thiellet's use tar.gz instead of tar.bz2
2009-02-06 Christoph Thielfix Adrians checkin
2009-02-06 Christoph Thieladd support for pxe images, add support for unsupported...
2009-02-06 Adrian Schröterfirst version of Christophs image repack support
2009-02-05 Adrian Schrötersimplify code again
2009-02-05 Adrian Schröter* handle inner return value of VM in case of unchanged...
2009-02-05 Adrian Schrötercopy back results alway, also in case of "build compare...
2009-02-05 Adrian Schröterfix export of --oldpackages setting to VM enviroment
2009-02-02 Adrian Schröter* allow to hand over old packages directory via cmd...
2009-02-02 Adrian SchröterOops ! test code removed again ...
2009-02-02 Adrian Schröteradd support for build result compare script.
2009-01-22 Adrian Schröter* fix xen image building
2009-01-20 Ludwig Nusselfail if VM image cannot be umounted before starting...
2009-01-10 Adrian Schröteruse ext3 in xen images by default to be in sync with...
2009-01-09 Adrian SchröterBuild image types in different root directories (patch...
2008-12-23 Michael Schröder- fix debtransformer builds
2008-12-23 Michael Schröder- fix builds where /etc/profile.d doesn't exist
2008-12-22 Michael Schröder- save debian sources
2008-12-16 Michael Schröder- 'test' doesn't short circuit properly
2008-12-10 Adrian SchröterFix kiwi image build support within osc
2008-12-01 Ludwig Nusselfix Fedora 10 build
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- build all image types
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- only run checkscripts if we built some rpms
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- fix spelling of "succeeded"
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- fix geniso call
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- fix kiwi iso generation loop
2008-11-21 Michael Schröder- add parse method to Build::Kiwi
2008-11-20 Adrian Schröterwrite abuild user also to /etc/shadow. Mandriva 2009...
2008-11-20 Michael Schröder- work around kiwi's obs: parsing
2008-11-07 Michael Schröder- create config.xml kiwi link
2008-11-06 Michael Schröder- another step to kiwi
2008-11-05 Michael Schröder- almost there...
2008-11-05 Michael Schröder- first steps towards kiwi builds
2008-10-30 Michael Schröder- add support for --disturl
2008-10-06 Martin Mohring- changed: to function also with emulators better use...
2008-09-27 Adrian Schröterfix creation of buildenv to do it the same time with...
2008-09-17 Michael Schröder- print finished message
2008-09-17 Michael Schröder- set BUILD_USER depending on the suse_version like...
2008-09-08 Michael Schröder- add --incarnation
2008-07-23 Dirk Mueller- implement --no-checks to be able to skip rpmlint
2008-07-14 Michael Schröder- intergrate post-build check hook
2008-06-30 Ludwig Nusselhide perl call in linux64 function
2008-06-30 Ludwig Nusselboot xen kernel in quiet mode to avoid flooding the...
2008-06-30 Ludwig Nusselrename xen variables to more generic ones
2008-06-30 Michael Schröder- turn off swap before saving built packages to it
2008-06-27 Ludwig Nusseldon't repeat the greeting message in the vm
2008-06-27 Ludwig Nusselkvm virtio support
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusselremove .build.packages before mounting the vm image
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusselhandle personality switching with qemu
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusselautomatically extract rpms from vm swap file
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusselintegrate extractbuild into main build run
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusseladd swap support for qemu
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusselkill qemu and uml via fuser
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusseldetect and use qemu-kvm automatically
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusselinstall trap to call cleanup_and_exit always on EXIT
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusseltell halt to power off to avoid kernel panic message
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusseldon't umount /dev
2008-06-26 Ludwig Nusseluse init= as last parameter for qemu so no arguments...
2008-06-23 Ludwig Nusseladd qemu workaround for 11.0 initrd not honoring root=
2008-06-23 Ludwig Nusselfix build root owner check
2008-06-23 Ludwig Nusselalways accept build root that is owned by root
2008-06-10 Michael Schröder- pass DO_LINT to xen build
2008-06-09 Michael Schröder- add workaround for mandriva so that it obeys or
2008-06-03 Michael Schröder- use uname -m instead of arch
2008-05-16 Adrian Schröter* harmonize --xen options in scripts
2008-05-16 Ludwig Nusseldon't let the shell parse $RELEASE
2008-05-16 Ludwig Nusselnasty hack to prevent rpath on known paths (bnc#386489)
2008-05-15 Adrian Schrötermodify check to accept all kinds of nodes, including...
2008-05-14 Michael Schröder- pass BUILD_DEBUG to xen
2008-05-14 Michael Schröder- add release workaround for kernel folks
2008-05-14 Michael Schröder- fix host setting
2008-04-10 Michael Schröder- adapt to latest changes
2008-04-10 Adrian Schröterchange user and group it from 99 to 399 to avoid confli...
2008-04-08 Adrian Schröterdo not fail on Kiwi:parse, even though it is not yet...
2008-04-07 Michael Schröder- support baselibs and rpmlint in the build service
2008-04-04 Michael Schröder- fix order of things, grrr...
2008-04-04 Adrian Schröterswitch to ext2 for now due to problems with reiserfs...
2008-03-31 Michael Schröder- make it work in the buildservice again
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusselclean the build root centrally in init_buildsystem
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusseldon't set memory limit when using a vm