do not fail on Kiwi:parse, even though it is not yet implemented.
[opensuse:build.git] / build
2008-04-08 Adrian Schröterdo not fail on Kiwi:parse, even though it is not yet...
2008-04-07 Michael Schröder- support baselibs and rpmlint in the build service
2008-04-04 Michael Schröder- fix order of things, grrr...
2008-04-04 Adrian Schröterswitch to ext2 for now due to problems with reiserfs...
2008-03-31 Michael Schröder- make it work in the buildservice again
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusselclean the build root centrally in init_buildsystem
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusseldon't set memory limit when using a vm
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusselfix check that was always false
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusselfix shell quoting
2008-03-11 Ludwig Nusselqemu and uml support
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselalternative approach for BUILD_RPMS compatability
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselrm -rf $BUILD_ROOT/.build-srcdir before use in xen...
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselbetter handling of multiple spec files and directories...
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselmake setting the build architecture a function
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselget rid of useless BUILD_INIT_BUILDSYSTEM variable
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselmove variable initializations to top of file
2008-02-22 Ludwig Nusselmake xen detection a function
2008-02-21 Ludwig Nusselonly set default repo if not using RPMLIST mode
2008-02-15 Ludwig Nusselfix default repository
2008-02-15 Ludwig Nusselset memory limit
2008-02-15 Ludwig Nusseladd support for ccache and icecream
2008-02-15 Ludwig Nusseladd missing helptexts
2008-02-15 Ludwig Nusseladd --repository to replace --rpms (bnc#346113)
2008-02-15 Ludwig Nusseladd support for --define, --with and --without
2007-06-20 Michael Schröder- make debtransfrom configurable via the dsc file
2007-06-13 Michael Schröder- implement rpm installation order calculation in perl
2007-05-27 Michael Schröder- fix bug in debian helper test
2007-05-10 Michael Schröder- add _vendor to configs
2007-04-05 Michael Schröder- revert norootforbuild semantics for now to be consist...
2007-03-21 Dr. Peter Poemlmake needsrootforbuild / norootforbuild work
2007-03-13 Michael Schröder- support vminstall directive
2007-03-09 Dr. Peter Poemlfix missing in front of in some places
2007-03-08 Michael Schröder- new deptransfrom script to automatically create a...
2007-03-01 Michael Schröder- split dep and rpm parts into submodules
2007-02-18 Michael Schröder- some more xen workarounds, we badly need a config...
2007-02-12 Michael Schröder- pass console=ttyS0 to get console output with new...
2007-02-09 Michael Schröder- add --test option to changelog2spec to make it die...
2007-01-29 Michael Schröder- add --changelog option
2007-01-23 Michael Schröder- make exclarch an array
2006-12-12 Michael Schröder- runscripts
2006-12-05 Michael Schröder- add --kill
2006-10-13 Michael Schröderupdate to current version
2006-08-10 Michael Schröder- do not mount proc ro
2006-06-06 Michael Schröderupdate to current version
2006-03-22 Michael Schröderour build.rpm with buildservice support