make sha256sum run optional, old systems like SLE 10 based don't have it.
[opensuse:build.git] /
2010-06-21 Adrian Schrötermake sha256sum run optional, old systems like SLE 10... obs_2.0
2010-04-21 Adrian Schröterdisable debug output when packaging kiwi live images
2010-04-09 Adrian Schröterfix syntax error
2010-02-28 Marcus HueweMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-02-17 Adrian Schröteralso xen guest images need the initrd files
2010-02-16 Adrian Schröterxen images need the initrd files packaged
2010-02-11 Adrian Schröterfix bzip2 and sha1sum also in oem case
2010-02-11 Adrian Schröterfix exporting iso and raw files in oem mode
2010-02-11 Adrian Schröter* tar vmx kind images into logical groups.
2010-02-10 Ruediger Oertelbuild_kiwi fix for vmx
2010-02-10 Ruediger Oertelcleanup (step 3)
2010-02-10 Ruediger Oertelcleanup (step 2 from ro)
2010-02-10 Ruediger Oertelcleanup and add chroot (step 1 from adrian)
2010-01-29 Adrian Schröterbe on the safe side, do skip createrepo only if DO_INIT...
2010-01-29 Adrian SchröterDo not run "createrepo" for kiwi builds when --no-init...
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröterswitch from sha1 to sha256 to be on the safe side secur...
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröternicer progress log on kiwi image compression/sha1sum...
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterdo not include .raw file for vmx output with given...
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterbe a bit more informative on kiwi image collection
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterswitch from md5sum to sha1 for security reasons (we...
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterfix missing places, where no .md5 file got generated...
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterfix collection of vmx images
2009-12-09 Ludwig Nusselmove huge block of kiwi code to separate file